Keep getting 続, 絡, and 結 mixed up. Can someone help!

For the purpose of disambiguation between the three, I would want to remember the key components well. WaniKani might not pick out the most ideal Radicals, as well as point out related Kanji that well, so Semantic-Phonetic script is recommended. (Otherwise, searching in may help.)

Handwriting may help, but I think ability to write from memory is the most important part, so after that the Kanji may be recalled without moving a hand nor thinking of an English word. Stroke orders may be remembered, but that’s just a part of the process.

  • To continue (続く) to sell (売る)
  • Binding (結び) in marriage (結婚) is auspicious (吉), and said to be crammed together (詰まる).
  • Being entangled (絡む) by a (long) kiss. Hmm I don’t remember this radical and related Kanji well, and I hate the Radical naming, but it’s Each Kanji (各 / 各々).

About Kanji reading, I would remember that resulting vocabularies.

  • 連続(れんぞく)
  • 結局(けっきょく)結婚(けっこん)結論(けつろん)
  • 連絡(れんらく)しなきゃ。短絡的(たんらくてき)籠絡(ろうらく)