Adding mnemonics to kanji with same reading

Hear me out. Imagine having a mnemonic to remember kanji with the same reading. So let’s say every 5 or 10 levels, you gather the kanji that have the same reading, common ones being しゅう、かん、けん、きょう etc. and Make and mnemonic to add another layer of memory onto what you already know.

So I’ll make a simplified version for only level 10 but you could do this across levels. I’ve got 終, 集 and 習 that all say しゅう in Kanji form. So I could say: “At the end of the day I collect shrooms to learn about them”.

Has anyone already been doing this? If so do you have any to share?


Hm, but won’t that be confusing once you have more than one kanji for each of those (English) meanings?

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You mean for example for end? You’ve got 終 and 末 both with two different readings, but you still learn them independently, I guess with the method I mentioned above it just adds another layer of memory by grouping some kanji. But yeah you’re right you would have to be conscious of which kanji you’re talking about if there are more than one. Maybe you’d think of sticking to the kanji that don’t repeat themselves?

At least for myself, I don’t think it’ll be helpful to connect pronunciations to the English meaning. The pronunciation is bound to the kanji itself, in a lot of cases to a radical within that kanji. Once you start using the language, you don’t want to constantly translate into English. I don’t translate words into my native language when reading English.
The method you suggest will put a wedge between the Japanese symbol and the Japanese pronunciation by forcing an English term between them. Or so it feels to me.

But again, that’s only true for me. It might work completely differently for you.


Hmmm yeah… I would probably agree with this. The sooner one discards the English glosses, the better :slight_smile: .

In some cases WaniKani already incorporates phonetic components in its mnemonics, but often it’s not instantly obvious and it does it differently than focusing on the reading.


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