Kanji/vocab that makes you smile :)

Sometimes when I learn a new word, the kanji making up that word make me happy. Sometimes it’s delightful, sometimes it’s poetic, and sometimes it seems like whoever invented the word had a good sense of humor. What’s a kanji or kanji combination that makes you smile?

Obligatory 金玉(きんたま).


Might not apply that much, but gotta love “concave” and “convex”, 凹 and 凸 (even though 凸 is a concave shape)


Yeah, those are great. I love too how they look like puzzle pieces that could fit together if you rotated them, further confusing them in my brain. :laughing:


It’s not an answer to your question, but I figure you might enjoy キラキラ金玉金曜日 :smile:

No idea where it came from or why that phrase specifically got popular, but apparently it’s something like the Japanese version of TGIF. Just with shiny balls for some reason :smiling_face_with_tear:


I really love 麗. To me it looks like it has eyes, eyebrows, a nose and teeth. It’s a goofy little guy and makes me smile every time I see it. :blush:


I think it’s really nice that 明日(あした) is “bright” “day”.


Those raffle thingies with the balls?

Afaik, golden ball means big prize.

Edit: Maybe Pachinko?


I have no idea, really. Could be, but I’d say it’s just as likely to just be people having a bit of a laugh with no deeper meaning or thought behind it

I found something that might help!
This is someone asking what the significance of the phrase is.

From my limited ability, I’ve gathered that "キ” from キラキラ is a rhyme of the き in 金.
The poster explains 金玉(きんだま) as “a man’s important spot”, so it’s ultimately like a sing-songy rhyming word play phrase. They also say to only use it with very good friends! (Can you IMAGINE? Signing off on your Japanese work email… but I thought it was TGIF!)

But yeah, in English, it reads like shiny balls Friday which is the best thing I’ve heard in months.


That does kinda confirm that it’s just a funny kind of phrase similar to TGIF, with no real deep meaning behind it. It’s just funny and it reuses the 金 from 金曜日, just with 金玉 instead.

So it read like shiny balls Friday in Japanese too, which makes it even better :smile:

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三日坊主, because I’ll never be a 三日坊主
That, and of course, 摩訶不思議


I long to be a 三月坊主.
摩訶不思議 is so dramatic!

猫車 - wheelbarrow.

Brought to you today courtesy of my just having failed the SRS rep for it :slight_smile:


目出度し目出度し - and they all lived happily ever after


Every single word with しり since it’s the name of my cat.

And absolutely countless words that sound like Finnish.

かな - chicken
こっき - cook
かっき - childish way of saying poop
もの - basically a ski boot
はな - faucet
はい - shark
えい - no
くら - mud
すし - wolf (it’s said a bit different since it’s “susi” but including it because people joke about it all the time)
さいた - cheap/scrooge
すう - mouth
くう - moon
とり - market
そら - gravel
こえ - test
くみ - rubber

I should be doing lessons right now


Yes, I know the feeling :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

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This isn’t about the word itself, just the learning process.
I just got 当たり前 in my lessons. Boom, instantly so many times I remember hearing this word in Japan and glossing over it! I finally know what it means! That made me smile.


I’ll allow it. :wink:
For real though, awesome! I love when that connection snaps into place. A true light bulb moment.

I very much enjoyed the combination 隆起 for bulge


金玉 will always make me laugh