Kanjibro : This tool shows you strokes order for any letter in a sentence

Hello fellow learners,

As I love taking notes on the side while learning with WaniKani, it’s often frustrating not to be able to write down example sentences because I don’t know the stroke order.

So I created a tool to quickly paste any example sentence to show me the stroke order for every letter in it. Even If I don’t know a kanji I can write it down and study the meaning later without being stuck.

Here’s the link : https://kanjibro.ninja/

Good luck smashing those kanji :v:


It’s pretty!


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Was just using it! The different colours help. high five

It would be useful to have stroke speed options as I find kanji with 22 strokes moving too fast for me to follow & the numbers aren’t always perfectly clear on which stroke they belong to so I have to keep re-animating on 22 stroke characters.

Being able to Favourite already searched kanji would be a time saver too.

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Well noted, thanks for the feedback!

To save already searched kanji I suggest you use bookmarks from your web browser :slight_smile:

UPDATE! :smiley:

I have added a “copy link” feature! making it easier to share from a mobile device.

Also we made the strokes slightly thinner, and it’s now more clear to see where a stroke starts and finishes.

Have a good day all!


Exactly what I looked for, perfect for starting a 日記, thanks a lot! :smile:

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