Stroke order iPad app (free)

Hey y’all!

I have trouble with my stroke order & found an app to practice on my iPad. “Writing Order FREE Kanji 1st by MASAHIRO MIZUTANI” on the App store. There’s a separate app for each grade level. I have 1st-6th, not sure if it goes higher. It doesn’t show translations, but it does give both on’yomi & kun’yomi readings (read out loud by a silly computer voice while you’re writing). If you click the menu icon, you can “deselect all” (kanji in that grade level) & check-off just the ones you want to study & it’ll cycle through those. I find it helpful.



Thank you! Will definitely check this out!

There is also the stroke order userscript here


Cool! I’m not sure how to install that, I use the Allicrab app to run Wanikani on my iPad.

Not sure myself - I have a samsung tablet and learned I am not able to load userscripts on chrome, and after installing firefox to enable script installation found that the review screen jiggled up and down as the keyboard reappeared for each new item, so I dumped the lot and now do lessons and reviews on the PC.

You could do a forum search with ‘iPad’ and ‘userscript’ as keywords and see if there’s anything out there - you can’t be the only one!

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