Kanji Writing Practice App Recommendations Requested - Specific Requirements

Hi Everyone, is there a companion app that can do the following:

  • Give me an example sentence in Japanese (using simple vocabulary) with the target Kanji I’m trying to learn written in hiragana?

For example, if told the app I wanted to learn the kanji, 門, it would generate a quiz question like: 専◯「せんもん」は数学です。The answer would be : 専門は数学です。/ I’m a Math major.

This way I’d be able to practice my handwriting on a sheet of paper. Afterwards, it would show me the kanji, 門 and I’d be able to judge how well I did.

I’ve been browsing the forums in vain for the past hour and half, and the best thing I’ve seen was the app for Japanese school children, 小学生手書き漢字ドリル1006, but it only covers half of the N1 Kanji.

I would really like to avoid Anki at this point - I tried it in the past, and wasn’t able to find the time to make the flashcard decks reliably due to my schoolwork.

Kaniwani and KameSame aren’t appealing to me either, because they go from E->J, and based on my own personal experience, I find that I learn faster when my reviews are conducted entirely in the target language. E->J reviews can also fall into the synonym trap. For example, is “cold” 寒い or 冷たい? The correct answer is more readily apprehended from context, for example, 今日は寒いです. It’s easier to remember words when they’re embedded in a particular context too!

Thank you for your help. I used to rely on Anki, and I did get to around the n4-n3 level, but the bother of making the cards and finding proper example sentences caused me to lapse. I’m hoping that wanikani and another tool might be the ticket!

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Well, I would still use Anki for that but that might be because I find customizing Anki not too difficult.

You could for example use the existing Core 10k deck, show the Japanese sentence + sentence translation on the front but blank out the keyword. On the back you would see the keyword. Should take a few minutes to set up (maybe an hour or two if you have to Google how to do it) and boom, 10.000 cards created. While going through the cards you would just have to suspend the ones that are kana only if you don’t want to do them.

Maybe if someone has a deck with all the WaniKani example sentences you could also set it up in the same way.

Without Anki… :woman_shrugging: No suggestions, sorry

You could try https://readthekanji.com

It’s close to what you want I think.

Thank you for your help everyone. I guess I’ll have to muddle along with Anki then.

(readthekanji does not appear to be focused on writing according to the descriptive video on the site)

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