Kanji with no associated vocabulary?

What? What is the point of this? I know some kanji in the past didn’t have vocabulary, which was added later, but that was several years ago. Why? You’d think with all the effort they put into adding hindrances like removing the summary page and adding kana only vocabulary, they could’ve diverted that effort into adding, I don’t know, maybe one vocabulary word?

Until then!


That is pretty weird especially since I can’t find any common word using this kanji on jisho. On top of that the kanji isn’t in Joyo or the (admittedly meaningless) JLPT list.

The first match on jisho is さざなみ, but it’s an alt form for さざ波 (ripple) and not even the reading taught by WK.

I wonder what was the rationale for including this kanji.

My IME doesn’t even recognize any of these On compounds. It does complete さざなみ however.

I don’t know if there’s any precedent for WK removing or replacing a kanji, so maybe it could stay here but WK would teach the kunyomi instead and add さざなみ as a vocabulary word?

At least that way it would be vaguely useful.


I am curious to know what @Mods have to say on this.


They still didn’t when I did the run last time, and that’s not several years ago, that’s around 1 year ago. They’ve been steadily adding names, and some vocab as well, but, I guess there are still some that lack vocab.

Checks the page:

Ah, this is the reason why I don’t remember much about it. The Phonetic-Semantic composition makes it easy to remember the れん-reading.

The thing with さざなみ is that it’s usually written さざ波 unless it’s a name, then it’s 漣, which can also be read as れん from what I understand 漣 - Jisho.org.


Hi all! We do plan on adding vocabulary to this kanji and an other kanji without vocabulary in the future. We appreciate your patience in the meantime :pray:


From searching, 漣漪(れんい) and 漣痕(れんこん) might be good vocabularies.

I used a script to check and 漣 is the only kanji currently on WK without associated vocab.

There are however 209 kanji with only one associated vocabulary entry. Out of those almost 50% (102) are level 50 or above. I suppose it’s not too surprising since the kanji tend to become rather specific at that point.

Full list of single-vocab kanji

That’s probably either because of the content addition stream from back in 2021 or the smaller one that happened end of last year. Before that I remember a ton having no vocab associated with it. There were threads similar to this at the very least.


Yeah I saw other people mentioning that, I wasn’t aware that it was a thing until I read this thread, hence why I decided to check.

Adding kanji without at least one vocabulary entry in the first place seems like a strange decision IMO, but at least it seems to be almost entirely solved, only 漣 slipped through the cracks.

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Also, holy heck, that kanji has been like that since at least 2017:

All that happened to it was that it got moved in the previously mentioned content stream to lvl60


They seem to have rushed those additional 10 levels somewhat.

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漣 is the only one without vocabulary now. Also, it moved to Level 60.

Just to say, it improved. (I still have some doubt in 哉, though.)

stop the cap

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