Kanji Reading Help Please

I’m a beginner, I just started a new lesson, which has Kanji meaning, and Kanji Reading… I do not understand what to do at all for the Kanji Reading (I get them wrong)…am I supposed to already know the Japanese Alphabets in hiragana and katakana??? Should I stop using wanikani until I’ve learned the Japanese Alphabets? I was doing very well until I got to that Kanji Reading… Help me please.

Example the meaning of + is Cross right, it’s the number ten, but how am I supposed to know how to write that in the Kanji Reading?? I don’t know what I’m doing now.

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You should, at the very least, know Hiragana

Here’s a guide from Tofugu/WaniKani on learning hiragana:


Second that, you definitely need hiragana at the bare minimum. Katakana too though it is used less frequently. Good luck!

I am learning Hiragana currently, I didn’t know if was a requirement to use wanikani though,… I thought I’d learn it using their lessons. :disappointed:

No worries, learning Hiragana shouldn’t take much longer than a week. You’ll be right back at it.

Ok that sucks for me then, I am using another app to learn hiragana, so I’ll focus my efforts on learning those and katakana then come back when I have them memorized.


Hiragana is an absolute requirement, it’s easy. It only take about a week to memorize them all.

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In the WK FAQ, they mention that hiragana is a minimum requirement to be able to use this. ^^

(I know it says “not for the beginning,” but as you know, that only means you can learn the first level radicals, but after that hiragana knowledge is a must.)

Hope to see you back after you’ve got the kana down :slight_smile:

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