"Reading" what am I supposed to do here?


I just started WaniKani and it has been all really easy / straightforward… until this page

What is my goal on this page? Am I supposed to be memorizing に?

I understand that 二 is two but apart from that, I don’t get the point of this page.

Sorry for the basic !@#% question :sob:


Is this your first kanji? Yeah, you are memorising how to read the kanji character. に is the reading.

It’s kind of assumed you know generally how kanji work and how to read hiragana. Even if you don’t know any kanji yet.


Thanks for mentioning “hiragana”! I’ve done a little research and feel more confident now :slight_smile:


No worries.
Yes, WaniKani teaches you how to read kanji, not only meanings. Super helpful, actually!

Hope you enjoy the site. You might want to look at Katakana too, as some vocabulary words here use that, so you’ll need to be able to read those characters too. Hirigana should be your first focus though, if you’re starting from scratch.



Should I just memorize the individual hiragana as they’re presented to me in WaniKani?

For example… for 口 mouth, the reading is こう, く

There are like 4 other words in this lesson.

Should I just memorize the hiragana that make up the words in this lesson?
OR, should I memorize ALL the hiragana first and then go back and start these lessons?


I would try to memorise all hirigana first if you could. It will make pretty much every aspect of learning Japanese easier for you if you do. You can probably do it in less than a week. I learned katakana in 4 days. (The set used for loanwords.) I had learned hirigana already so long ago, that I have no idea how long it took me back then.

There are charts all over online for this. Also there is a Japanese Resource thread somewhere on the forum… I think it or Riya’s “What do I do now?” thread has some stuff to learn hirigana. Maybe even a game.

I learned the katakana really fast with a free trial of iknow (iknow.jp) app on my phone.

Feel free to ask any more questions! : D


I used and recommend Kana Mind. It’s a free app I used for like a week to learn hiragana and katakana. I hope it helps you.


Just a word of caution, you’re still learning kanji. Kanji aren’t words yet, they are characters with associated concepts. So, you’re looking at a kanji that has the concept of mouth, but not yet the word for mouth. The word for mouth does use that kanji by itself, but it has a different reading than what you’re seeing there, and you’ll learn it later on. Just a small distinction that might prevent some confusion later on. It might be confusing at the moment, unfortunately.


This guide helped me learn Hiragana way back when.

It may take a few days to learn depending on how much time you have, but it’s the first step towards learning Japanese, and you will certainly need it under your belt to use this site. You can go through the initial learning of all the characters in a couple of hours if you have time, just give them a few days to sink in!

Good luck!


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