What is the kanji reading for enter

I am just starting with the kanji lessons and finding it difficult to know what to type into the ‘reading’ response. I have guessed (eventually) that knee is ni, itchy is ichi, etc., but what is new - I am at a loss.

Reading for 入 is にゅう、if that’s what you’re asking?

The reading written in japanese is on the left in the tab “Reading” during the lessons.

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Thank you for your reply, but no. I am probably just not understanding, but I cannot fathom what to type into the reading response.

Aye, to be clear, the reading mnemonics are merely an approximate guide for what the word sounds like. The lesson gives you the precise reading in hiragana - if you’re not quite up to scratch on hiragana yet, you’ll need to study it in order to get the most out of WaniKani.


To type にゅう you need to type in “nyuu”.


Yeah, you don’t have to guess, it’s on the left hand side in the lesson. The mnemonic is just to jog your memory.

Do you know how to read hiragana?


Sorry everyone, had to step away from the laptop for a while. Thank you all for your replies. I will have to go back to the lessons to take on board your advice.

Thank you Ryouki - yours was the answer that helped, but thank you to everyone else as well.

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Hello Leebo, no I do not. Do I need to learn hiragana before starting with WaniKani? I had not understood that.

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You will need to know kana. It assumes that you do.
Going only by the mnemonics will be too difficult.

There are many good kana resources out there, and with some determination you can learn them in a few hours =)
You mainly need hiragana, but should learn katakana as well.

This should help:


Thank you for that advice. I will return better prepared.

I appreciate all the help everyone. This is clearly a good community.


Honest question, how come so many people lately, that don’t even know how Kana think it is a good idea starting a Kanji learning program?

When I started learning I was more like “yeah, Kanji, maybe later” :rofl:


Oh yes, the WaniKani community is an absolute wonderful place! Hope to see you around! =D

Starting hiragana just as you do WaniKani isn’t such a bad idea, as it helps you practice it =)
When I first learned kana, through a DS game (lol!) I forgot them again since I didn’t use it.
When I started WaniKani I had to to a refresher, but now keep seeing them daily so they stick better =)


Just focus on hiragana for now, you’ll encounter katakana eventually later on. Take a few days and WaniKani will make a lot more sense. And don’t be discouraged, Japanese is a never ending forest of eternal confusion. But it’s interesting and fun, you just have to be in it for the long haul.


People are interested in learning the language and want to get started. Not everyone knows where to start.


it’s hard to know what you don’t know


My advice for the very very beginning is to start learning the sequence A-I-U-E-O. Then, the sequence A-KA-SA-TA-NA-HA-MA-YA-RA-WA-N.

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