The choice about the name's radical


I was wondering, where do you find the names of radicals on the website ? Because, it seems to be have an official name for each one of them so i’m confusing names between WK and the dictionnary.

For example : ⺌ (しょうかんむり) is “Small” officially and on WK, it’s name is “Triceratops”, isn’t that too confusing for users to have many names instead using the official meaning to remember ?

Thank you !

The WK ones purposely have silly names in order to better craft a mnemonic story around them. Also while a lot of the radical used here do correspond with official radicals, there are a bunch of WK specific ones as well. Sometimes radicals that are treated as separate outside of WK, are treated as one and the same on WK, as well.


I see !

Well, that will not help me, ha ha, because i started to memorize the official names and coming with the new system on WK makes me feel a little lost. Well, i’ll try to concentrate my mind on the website !

Thank you.

Well, if you’re at all interested in knowing how WaniKani’s radicals compare, I made dis.


Thank you ! :smiley:

What you could do is go to each radical and click on “add synonym” and add whatever you want, if you wish to only use the official ones.


are you telling me i can customize my mnemonics and using my own system on WK ?

Yes, for instance I added “one” to “ground” and “al bundy” to national treasure, you can create your own answers if you wish.


Excellent ! So, the problem seems to be resolved like this ! Thank you, you saved my life !

No problem:)


It would be nice if they didn’t make up their own radicals or radical names.

i guess that would make a great mess for users if they did that !

thanks for the tip mate !

Also pretty sur they changed the name of some early radicals, like eye has become treasure if my memory does not fail me.
And i don’t get why the radical stop which is the kanji correct is using another meaning.
Is that like you said to better trigger the mnemonic with silly names?

more or less, yeah. I just was wondering if the stange names was pertinent to be modified instead of using the real name because some word are depending the origin’s name.

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