Kanji Flashcards Printable

This thread will entirely replace the old one that I had with a variety of flashcards.

I had taken the cards down after I gave up my web-host. But, I have been making some cards for the Heart Sutra, and I realized that some of my card sets have been downloaded by users here more than 1000 times.

So, I will be gradually re-posting the cards. The trouble is that things have changed a little over the years, so I want everything to be up to date. Plus, there are many little work-arounds that need to be done to make all of the cards print out correctly. I will be posting decks very sporadically, as it can take a few weeks on each deck to get things correct.

First, here is a deck with all of the radicals:

They correctly give everything as of right now. I won’t be updating them again.

Here is the LaTeX code if you would like to tweak it:

%    printable flashcards for Wanikani kanji
%    uses the flacards class because it is easier than the more common flashcards class


\usepackage{graphicx} % for images of radicals that aren't kanji


\renewcommand{\blfoot}{\footnotesize radicals}

\setCJKsansfont{Meiryo}%for cards that are not in kanjistrokeorder font
 \card{   亅}
        {Rice Paddy}
        {Lip Ring}
        {Top Hat}
        {Coat Rack}
        {Jammed In}
        {Older Brother}
        {Younger Brother}
        {Good Luck}
        {Long Ago}
        {Treasure Chest}
        {Black Hole}
        {Mona Lisa}
        {Death Star}
    \card{ç« }
        {Ten Thousand}
        {One Sided}
        {Turtle Shell}
        {Line Up}
        {Cat Pirate}
        {Hot Pepper}
        {Crab Trap}
    \card{勇 }


There are some work-arounds in this code. I used Meiro as an alternate font where KanjiStrokeOrder font did not have a character. Then I used png images wherever there was no character in either font. xeCJK is absolutely the way to go when typesetting Asian fonts. The documentation is all in Chinese, which can make it a challenge to learn though.


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