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Hi All, still a newbie but making some progress. I asked the ‘bosses’ this and they referred me here - does anyone have or know where can be found a hard copy (or a printable file) of all of the stuff we learn as we go - I benefit from the old fashioned paper way of learning in addition to this site. Here’s hoping

A hard copy of WaniKani?

WaniKani’s main drawcard is the SRS. I guess you can emulate the effect with flash cards in a series of different boxes, but it really doesn’t work quite the same. Aside from the mnemonics (and the radicals), there’s nothing unique about the actual material that WaniKani offers - you can easily find lists of all the joyo kanji on Wikipedia, for example.


I haven’t tried this, but I suppose you could just play around with printing off the individual pages for kanji, radicals, and vocabulary. I mean you’d have to print and scroll to orient it… but at least you’d have a WK specific list (of many pages).

There’s many people who write down kanji, vocab, mnemonics as they learn, in addition to using the SRS of the website. Maybe that’s something you could use to help you learn better:

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I like actually writing down on paper the kanjis I have trouble remembering, writing them down makes them easier to learn imo and it’s nice to read them from time to time to remember them better

Here’s the link:


Then on your browser click: “Print”.


Are you looking for something like this? :slight_smile:

Vocabulary Flashcard Printable PDFs by Level

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Why not buying a Genki book ?

Belthazar. I agree generally with your comments but the mnemonics used in WK are a tad unusual so as I am learning I would like to stick with the same system - addict I guess

I cannot work out if this is a smart-arse answer or helpful

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KevinvdT. Thanks for your response. BUT when I go to the link I end up in an urban myth website and then am not able to find what you have identified in your email chain - can you help further

I made the flashcards, but I took them down because I got rid of my website.
I can post them on github, but I need to edit them a bit first. I will try to get to it soon, but I work 6 days a week and study …
If you are a Linux user, you can use my LaTeX code to create them yourself very easily.

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Maaaate - you are talking to a technical luddite - I would not know a LaTeX code if it bit me in the foot

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I really will post them again. People seem to have downloaded them and printed them out. Give me a few weeks, and I can put them up again.

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Those two are not mutually exclusive


Thanks. That would be great.

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Hey RWB - any luck with the file for print copies? I would really appreciate it

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