Kanji 崖 in level 47

Hi, @TofuguJenny

I have been looking at the kanji in level 47. The kanji 崖 is introduced in this level, with the onyomi がい. In the vocabulary the onyomi is not used for any word. The kunyomi がけ is taught there.

Could I suggest a vocabulary word using the onyomi? 断崖 (だんがい)、”cliff". It happens to be the Japanese title of the famous Hitchcock movie Suspicion


Or 崖の上のポニョ :slightly_smiling_face:


Very important word

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great anime, indeed. But I suppose the reading is がけのうえのポニョ?

Indeed it is.

Yum, yummy yum, I smell a treat.
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Peek, peek-a-boo, that’s what we’ll do.
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