Hate when WK teaches the onyomi and all the vocabulary -for a while- uses the kunyomi

Example level 6 知 (onyomi: ち)

All the vocabulary used to reinforce the sound of the kanji till level 16:
level 6: 知る (しる)
level 8: お知らせ (おしらせ)
level 10: 知り合い (しりあい )

Result? I still struggle trying to remember the onyomi ち… why WK, why? could you teach us the kunyomi first?


Maybe after this post I’ll be able to remember the ち :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can see how that would be annoying. Sadly, apart from 知事 and 知 (which is already on here as 智), I cant really think of any words that use the ち reading that can be learned at a low level.

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知人? Is that not taught on WK?

Edit: Nope, apparently not. Is it not a common vocab?

知識 chishiki - knowledge
愛知県 aichiken - aichi pref.

but until lvl 17, so yes… sadly you must endure and believe that later on it will stick

Yeah, I find that annoying… I’d basically forgotten the on’yomi for that one by the time I got the first word to use it. I remembered it soon enough, but it would be nice to throw in one word earlier on, or move the kanji to a later level if that’s not possible.

Then again, I also just generally find it a little confusing when they teach you the kun’yomi with the kanji. I know they take the approach of ‘most frequently used’ and I’m on board with that, but it’s so often the on’yomi that it does throw me a little when that’s not the one provided.

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I would say no, no it is not. It is just a synonym for 知り合い

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