KaniWani and the synonym struggle

Does anyone else find this annoying when using KaniWani?
For example answering この前 for ‘previously’ when the answer it wants is 以前。Or 社会 when it wants 世の中。I Was thinking of using the lock feature to block the lesser used ones but I don’t know which are most popular in casual speech.

It’s a great resource but this gets on my nerves


You can add your own synonyms

Comes up as the last word though does it not? I tend to try and just look at the first word otherwise it gets confusing, for example 森 comes as woods (yea) then forest (no, that’s 林)

You’re thinking of WK synonyms. KW synonyms work differently. Yes, your WK synonyms will appear in the KW list, but if you have a KW synonym created it’ll treat two separate words as interchangeable when checking input. It won’t change what you see in the word list.


@leebo oh right! 95% of the time I use it on my mobile. Seems like this can only be done on a computer?

I’ve never used KW on mobile, so I can’t say.

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