KaniWani - problem with API token

Hey there,
I am highly motivated to set up an effective learning routine - which involves also to register for KaniWani. Unfortunately, my registration doesn’t work as I receive an error when trying to sign in. “This API key appears to be invalid” - any hints what I could try?

I already created a new read only key for KaniWani and also tried the “read only” key several times. I also checked not to have any extra spaces from “copy and paste” - I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Any ideas? Highly appreciated!


Did you use API 1? The tokens are different, and I think KW still runs off the old API. You can find it in the same place you generated the token. ^^


Aaaaaaaaah, yes, I found it - thank you so much!! It works now! :smile:


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