Can't log in to Kaniwani - Help!

Basically the title. I try to log in to Kaniwani with my normal Wanikani credentials and it just says that the username or password is wrong, even though I know for a fact they aren’t!
Anyone else have this problem and know a workaround?

with my normal Wanikani credentials

You need to create a new, separate account for KaniWani (since it is a completely separate site, they wouldn’t know your WK credentials). And then after the signup you would enter your API key in the settings. That is the only way those two accounts are connected.

Ahhh, thanks for that! Had no idea and it didn’t say anything on the home page…
Thanks again!

Is this an android app?

Na, it’s just in-browser for the moment. Hope they make an app for it at some point, would be very useful!