WaniKani V2 API not working with KaniWani


For some reason starting tonight, KaniWani started giving me the following error message:

"Your WaniKani Api Key is invalid!

Please visit the settings page to update it."

I went to my WaniKani API Tokens created a new V2 API and pasted it in KaniWani, and yet it still says its invalid. I’ve tried resetting the API an additional time and no luck.

Anyone else having any issues? Or am I just missing something regarding the new API system?

Thanks for your time.

I had a problem with pasting the V2 API where it accidentally included a trailing space. Once I deleted the space at the end of the string, it worked perfectly for me.

Yeah, I can confirm that’s not the problem for me. I even tried manually typing the API in – it still didn’t work.

I wonder if my wanikani scripts could be interfering with the API?
Is that even possible?

My Tsurukame API is still working – so I think there is something specifically wrong with Kaniwani.

Unlikely. Kaniwani is a different website. You may try to contact the developer. There is a Contact option on the KW page.

I just e-mailed them. I hope it’s just a bug on their end.

Sometimes this problem is caused by using an API V1 key instead of V2. You may want to make sure of this.

I am definitely generating V2 API’s via the “generate a new token” button and then titling the API KaniWani and checking all the proceeding boxes.

It should work just fine with the default read-only key, in my experience.

It does for me. Enabling more permissions is superfluous.

Tried again generating a a read-only API and still getting the same error message.

What the heck is going on here…


Hey! Sorry, this has happened a few times and it’s likely a false positive - if so it should clear itself shortly (within a day it seems). If you get a sync - then your api key is fine.

Until we fix the bug we haven’t disabled the invalid key notification, since that still needs to be shown in the case that it’s legit.


Just FYI, I also got this same error from a freshly generated V2 API key just now. Hopefully it’s a false positive, as you say, but apparently the underlying bug has not been fixed.

I’m getting the same message just over the past few hours this evening, but the site is still working as usual, so we’ll see if the message clears.

I’m in the same boat here getting the error notice with a new key, hopefully its all good. Ive been relying a lot on KW for supplemental help. Its great