Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!

I only have one review and one lesson, even though I’m on level 3 of WK. This is the vocab I have in WK.

This is seriously normal?

I’m not a KaniWani expert by any means, but when did you first sign up to the site? It only syncs every twelve hours to avoid spamming WaniKani, so that may explain the lack of lessons available to you.

Alternatively, have you checked in your settings that you are following WaniKani, and that you have set lessons to be unlocked when the items reaches X level in WK (where X is the level you want - e.g. I only start reviewing stuff in KaniWani once I burn it in WK, but I assume you’re wanting from Apprentice or Guru)?

You may also have manually locked the levels in the ‘vocabulary’ page, but then I don’t see why you’d have the 1 lesson.


Holy unexpected. Okay, this turns out to be the right answer. Apparently the default for a new account is to lock all previous levels. I clicked unlock on two of the levels and got lessons immediately. I award you one Lucas Nicodemus Certification of Internet Freedom point.

I don’t understand at all why I had one vocabulary stranded without unlocking any levels. That makes no sense to me. But manually unlocking two levels worked like a charm.



I’m glad that seems to have solved the issue for you. I think they default lock everything so that somebody signing up at, say, Level 14 doesn’t get freaked out by the appearance of hundreds of lessons all at once.

It’s not particularly obvious that you ought to go to the vocabulary page to unlock things though, and it is indeed pretty damn weird that you had just one lonely lesson!

@visionmixerjr Does this solve your issues as well?

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The same thing is happening to me at every session. It’s a very minor issue though.

That is indeed super buggy. If you can remember which vocabulary it was, send it my way, and I will investigate.

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Hello all!

This is just a message to profusely thank all those who have donated to Kaniwani over the years. You are what keeps the site running, and I deeply appreciate your show of support for the site. @Subversity and I are very thankful that you keep our servers up and running!


Ah, the reason we don’t unlock all your previous levels is to prevent information overload. If you logged into Kaniwani for the first time, at level 40, and saw that you had 30000 lessons, you would probably just close the tab and leave :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for the confusion!

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Hello! I have a question about reviews. I was told that it’s possible to review burned items and recent unlocks. I currently have it set in the settings to review burned items only, but it won’t let me manually unlock recent vocab and KW isn’t adding recent unlocks to my review. I would like to review new items and burned items so that I can catch up on my old lessons. If there’s a way to do that, I would greatly appreciate the help. KW has helped me a lot so far! :slight_smile:

Hey there,

It sounds like you’re asking for two conflicting states: only recent unlocks (WK Apprentice) and only WK Burned items? The idea is plausible, but the current setup isn’t configured for that idea.

The order is:

  • Any unlocked items are available as lessons, or reviews if their KW SRS is > 0.
  • If they’re suspended (during review, or on the vocab detail page “Enable/Suspend Review” then they’re filtered out from queues.
  • Then, everything is filtered further by the “Only review words at or above WaniKani: SRS_LEVEL”

So if you have that set to burned only, then you won’t be seeing any recent unlocks which are WK Apprentice.

If you actually mean that recently burned WK words are not appearing in your reviews, then there may be an issue.

Can you explain further?

Thank you for getting back to me, and thank you for explaining more about KW. :slight_smile:

I apologize for not explaining very well. I think the best way I can explain what I mean and not waste any of your time is to quote a conversation I had on the thread “how do/did you learn Japanese”. It is a little lengthy, so I apologize for that as well.

I may have misunderstood or overlooked something. I hope you can shed light on the situation. Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what he’s talking about :upside_down_face:
It would be possible to introduce a filter for items lower than x WK srs rank, which could be used in tandem with the current one.

So: only include reviews > [burned] and < [guru]
We have very little spare time at the moment, so it won’t happen necessarily soon.
If we implemented every suggestion we’d have a bajillion settings :sweat_smile:
Though I think this is a straightforward enough idea that we’d consider it.

Huh… strange… well thank you for clearing this up and for you consideration! It means a lot to me that you took the time to try and help me sort this out. I will continue on with Kaniwani with the burned setting and just enjoy the ride :slight_smile: Thank you again.

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For what it’s worth, I really like using KaniWani this way. The reviews are relatively easy, because in theory I know the items, so it hasn’t added a great burden to my reviewing schedule, plus it really helps to consolidate items in your memory (while giving you recall practice instead of course) after you’ve burned them and would otherwise only see them again in the wild.

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女の人 I believe.

I agree! The only thing that was bugging me about doing only my burned items was that… it would probably take about a year or so after finishing WK to burn all vocab on KW, which adds more time to my language learning. :frowning:

That being said however, I am at peace with it. Because I’m not on a time limit and rushing to finish is only going to hamper my learning. :slight_smile:

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This is a small thing, but I find that the KaniWani timeline almost without fail overestimates the period until a particular batch of reviews by one hour. As soon as the time gets within one hour of them appearing, the timeline suddenly recalculates and moves the bar one hour earlier. Not sure who to tag for this - @Subversity?

I think being at peace with not rushing is an excellent attitude ^-^ I also take the view that KW is consolidation rather than learning something entirely new, so it’s not like taking longer to do it really holds back my acquisition of new knowledge.

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It’s not super clear but…

This means that there will be 5 reviews total appearing after 10am and by 11am.
That could be 2 at 10:30, and 3 at 10:45 - you don’t know, and you don’t need to - go do something else until 11am :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a big thing, but I noticed some “drifting” where a peak of reviews appears say at 5pm and a few hours later the peak is at 4pm. With your description I guess this shouldn’t happen?

Probably not :upside_down_face: