Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!

So I’ve noticed something odd on KaniWani…I’ve been slowly unlocking levels, going through everything and waiting till the new stuff gets to about guru before I unlock a new level. I just unlocked level 7, and level 8 has the little purple padlock prompting me to unlock it but every level beyond that is locked, and I mean totally locked, grayed out even.

This is an issue as you can clearly see I am level 12 on WK and I’m pretty sure I remember being able to unlock all levels up to the one before your current WK level on KW…either that or I’m just daft, in which case ignore this :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna make a stab in the dark:
If you have Follow Wanikani turned off, then we don’t sync you with WK, at all.
You will need to turn that back on (and possibly wait for a sync).

If Follow WK is on, then something may be wrong.
Let me know!

I double checked thinking the same thing but follow WK is definitely on, I even reupdated the API key.

@Chop Can you join me on slack to discuss further since we’re in the same timezone?

I have a request, I don’t know if this has been asked before but it would be nice if you could disable some of the meanings for some words. For example words like 居酒屋 has the meaning “izakaya”, same with words like 腹切り and 切腹. and I also add some meanings like “sensei” to 先生 and “senpai” to 先輩 in wanikani mostly for fun but they show up in kaniwani too and they’re a bit of a spoiler hehe

I actually had this exact feature active on V2, but had some feedback from users that didn’t want it to occur.
IE. “clothes” was too vague a question to prompt for the answer “きもの”.
And there was some confusion as to why the quiz question was different to the KW vocab detail page / WK vocab page.

Eventually I decided:
a) there aren’t really that many of these in total (~20?)
b) most of them are words that people learn pretty easily and don’t really need critical KW practice. (IE: sensei, izakaya)
c) it wasn’t 100% guaranteed to work. WK makes it annoying to try to strip meanings by checking the reading against meanings because they use multiple vowel naming patterns: IE: Northeast = tohoku, tohoku region, touhoku region, touhoku. (I can blacklist that one specifically, but there’s probably others that will be missed and would need to be reported)

I could turn it back on as a user setting I guess, but in the end… it’s only a few words and I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle. Feel free to discuss and we can come to a conclusion.

I was more thinking give the option for people to manually hide meanings, that way they can pick for themselves if they want to for each item

Oh yea before I forget, what do you think about the idea of the ‘F’ hotkey being able to toggle through the 3 info levels instead of just opening to the default level and that’s it?

I’m wondering how many people have the intrinsic habit of spamming ‘F’ to try and get the system to display the next info level and then realizing they have to click twice to get them.

i.e. I press ‘F’ and the UI opens nicely to the “Info: Low” level but then I continuously press ‘F’ for the next 5 minutes before my brain finally catches up to what the body is doing and realize I have to click to get more info.

Sorry for not keeping up up with this, but I’m kind of confused about what’s going on with kaniwani now.
What is the lesson feature? Right now I have around 500 words ready to review and 500 in lessons, so do I have to do lessons to get more words to review? I believe this was automatic before.
Also why is the sum of the two piles 1000 when I have more than 1000 words unlocked?

Are you aware that Spacebar cycles through the info levels?
This is the same as WK (F opens info, Spacebar expands to show all info).

Lessons are words that you’ve never reviewed in KW yet, so having this split allows you to control how many words enter your review queue (correct answer => moves to reviews in 4hrs at SRS 1). Basically the same idea as WK. When it was automatic, all your new words were mixed into reviews, and if you only did 100 a day then you might make really slow progress if the previously answered words keep getting buried amongst new words (a word delayed by 4hrs you might not see for a week if by chance you keep answering new words).

This way you can unlock a level of 100 words -> 100 lessons, then do 5 a day to increase your regular reviews by only 5 new words a day (instead of all 100 instantly increasing your review pile). Or… come back after a break and not have 500 new words swimming in your reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you have 500 reviews, it makes sense to get that pile down to something manageable before pumping words in via lessons.

Do you have more than 1000 unlocked on KW?
Are you restricting words by WK SRS Rank (in Settings)?
Is Follow Wanikani turned on in Settings?
Are all your levels unlocked?

Some words may not be up for review yet (Guru, Master, Enlightened still on their SRS delay?)
Very fresh WK words may not have synced to KW yet (up to 12 hours delay).

Can you show me where you see / how you know you have more than 1000 words unlocked on KW?

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:high_touch: I am now, thanks! It probably didn’t help that I never used the Spacebar on WaniKani either. I figured there was parity between the hotkeys, but I completely forgot about that one on here so… :durtle:

I just re-unlocked Level 17’s vocab again, and noticed a couple of unexpected items at the end of the list when I took a look at the vocab page:

朝ごはん (朝ご飯) is expected as it shares an item with 朝ごはん from L8, I believe. 軍人 and 外, however, are from L15 and L3 respectively, so I’m not sure why they’re there… am I missing something? :slight_smile:

It’s just a quirk of the automatic synonym synergy when WK has the same exact primary meaning.

軍人 is linked with 兵士 (17) and 外 with 外側 (17) - I just haven’t made the vocab level cards smart enough to choose which reading to display as the main one in the list (it just chooses the first one). Since they’re linked they have a single SRS (hence the existing progress on them).

If you click through to their dedicated pages you should see both words.

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Aha - that makes sense now. Thanks!

Hmm. I just signed up, but I got only one lesson. Is that normal initially? No way to force an initial sync?

Did you complete all your reviews?
Lessons are unblocked once you validated 90% of the kanji of the previous level.

In KaniWani, I have a total of 1 review (now), composed of 1 lesson. I have no kanji, no other reviews, etc. The only thing I have is one vocab item from WaniKani in any queue.


I’m having the same problem, I can’t seem to initially START using kaniwani.

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Hey, cool! It’s not just me!

Kaniwani is only for vocabulary. We do not test kanji or radicals, which explains why you have only one review.