Kaniwani: Kana or kanji?

I’ve recently started using the companion app kaniwani. It allows you to enter in romaji - just like wanikani - that it interprets into the kanji. Or, you can use your computer’s IME to input kanji directly.

My question is, which of these do you think would be a more valuable way to practice? Type things in purely with kana, or use an IME to convert them to kanji before entering?


Probably the kana, because if you use kanji you can type the wrong pronunciation to get the right kanji.

For instance にち instead of ひ

EDIT: ま and あいだ are actually a bad example so I removed that.


Best use for me is writing kanji on paper, kana on screen and then check that everything matches :slight_smile:

With an IME, if you are not sure about rendaku and okurigana, you can try all variants until it spits out something you find reasonable… So kana is more of a challenge in that way.

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Aye, kana, here. The goal is to be sure you know the actual sounds, so using IME features beyond kana production could be a hindrance, as an unnoticed crutch.

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