When using the app, should I use English or Japanese keyboard?

I’m wondering if there is any difference in terms of learning with a Wanikani app if I type with the Japanese keyboard or use an English keyboard and then it converts it to hiragana.

If you do use a separate IME, you need to remember to set it to not display kanji options for converting your hiragana, otherwise you could inadvertently show yourself that you were wrong before you entered. So, why not just use the built-in IME and then you don’t have to worry about that.


That’s true. I guess my only concern was would it hurt my hiragana comprehension or ability to learn to type hiragana faster if I only use the English keyboard?

Japanese people type in romaji on computers. Japanese keyboards that have dedicated kana on the keys exist, but they generally aren’t used by Japanese people very much.

If you mean using your phone, it’s up to you if you want to learn how to use a flick keyboard.


I’ve been using this thing lately. Nice hybrid.
Not with WaniKani, to avoid the auto-kanji, but for other stuff.

Wh… what is this abomination? A… romaji flick keyboard?


‘GODAN’ version in Gboard.

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