Should I try KaniWani / KameSame?

So in general, I was wondering whether I should try reverse SRS, such as KaniWani or Kamesame. Does everyone does this? And what do I learn/miss if I (don’) take up one of these sites?

And if it is advisable, which of the two do you guys prefer? What makes the one or the other a better learning experience?

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I personally find it very useful and highly recommend it ^^ it’s one thing to be able to recognize vocab (JP → EN), but trying to recall words (EN → JP) is a whole different story, so it’s wonderful for that

I haven’t tried KameSame because I’m already well into KaniWani, but from what I’ve seen, KameSame is intended to be more lenient and helpful with all of the synonym overlaps, and KameSame also only allows Japanese input, so it can help you get faster at using a Japanese IME in that regard


i use kamesame because it forces me to use the japanese IME and get comfortable with and also because it handles synonyms very well. to not get overwhelmed with my studies (i mean theres reading, listening and grammar as well - who has all the time?! :sweat_smile: ) i only study vocabs and only the ones i have already burned on wanikani.

oh and it’s also just fun and encouraging to actually write/type in japanese, when you’re not at a level yet where you can make all that many real sentences ^^


here’s a POLL about kaniwani / kamesame but not that many people voted. in any case, i don’t think a majority of wanikanians uses either.

I use kaniwani because I find it pretty easy (ok, relatively) to recognize the kanji when WK shows me, but trying to remember them the other way is not the same thing. I mean, I knew that intellectually, but not how bad it would be.

I also hand-draw the kanji before I type my answer. Anecdotally, I think it’s all interconnected in making a good memory, so for example, the hand-drawing makes me better at recognizing and producing, At worst, even if I’m imagining that, it’s more exposure which can’t hurt. It’s more work, but I think it’s worth it.


I have been wondering this as well. Sometimes I try making sentences in my head and have trouble finding the words, even though I have no trouble on WK itself.

I’d recommend KameSame. I’ve only been using it for a short while, but I find it really helps in those “what’s the word for this in Japanese?” moments. And being made to use the IME is helpful too, even though it’s so slooooooow compared with typing in English (for me, for now)!

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