Hello Minna San!

Hi to everyone, I’m new.
Hajimemashite, yoroshiku onegaishimasu Minna san!

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If you don’t yet know kana you should probably start with that; learning Japanese in romaji is not the way.

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You can start with this.
Take your time learning Hiragana, it will help you a lot later.


Welcome to WaniKani btw :slight_smile:

welcome to the clubhouse, and, as has already been said, knowing (and using) Kana will be one of the first steps you should take in preparation for diving into Kanji

Mayhaps he/she just missing a Japanese IME?
If not, might wanna hold off on WK until kana is in the bag…

Yup! I didn’t said nothing about me, sorry.
I know Hira and kata and right now im reading some books in furigana.
What I don’t have is enough vocabulary and kanji, and thats why I’m here, for learning thanks to the App, and thanks for those who will help me in this path.

I write in romaji cuz i dont have the app in the pc or smartphone to write in Hira. (Gomen).

Thanks a lot guys, for your warm welcome.
I’ll do my best!

What does this mean?

Maybe they just don’t have an IME installed yet.

Google IME is pretty good! :slight_smile:

Although since I’ve installed it it keeps thinking I always want to be in Japanese. And leaves the Japanese as “romaji”… aka English. Weird default settings.

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As I suspected!
For an Android phone, you can get Google Japanese Input in the play store. For Windows, you can get either Microsoft IME or Google IME. I have an old, old version of MS IME on my Windows XP computer… and have just gotten Google IME on this one (Windows 7). (Technically they’re the same computer, but different hard drives… ) Just download and install!

Then read Koichi’s post about how to type with an IME. It will help you in your reviews here, too!

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Kanji with loads of furigana, is my guess?

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More or less, is more like tales for kids, with few kanjis with the furigana, and the translation .
Also Yotsuba!.

I’m trying my best! other advices will be so well appreciated.

Once I’ll get home, i’ll try that IME thing in my W10.

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