Synonym linking / suspending words in Kaniwani

Hey friends
I’m trying after ages to catch up on my KW queue and it’s killing me, too many similar words. I’m currently living in Japan and am only starting my Japanese journey so am only needing the most common/useful words.

Does anyone have any recommendations about which words can be linked by synonyms (e.g I’ve put all the words for feeling as kanji, and all the words for city as shi). Are there also many words that aren’t common at all (mochiiru for example, my teacher said that he hasnt heard that word in years) that I can suspend for the time being?

I know the nuances are important but at the moment I just want to learn the most common words, I dont mind if people dont completly understand me, just the main points!

用いる is not common in conversation, but it is quite common as a formal or written word. For instance, I see it all the time in Japanese thesaurus entries.

Does your teacher know that WaniKani is designed to teach how to read Japanese, not for conversational vocab?

If you really don’t want uncommon words, something like iKnow sounds like it’s more appropriate for you. Kanji vocab skews toward words that are written or formal.


I think WK is not the right tool for that, you will spend more time editing stuff than learning something. There are Anki decks that are sorted by frequency in wikipedia (but you might even sound more like a news announcer than with WK), or just use some deck from Genki with beginner vocab.

You could also get a “survival phrasebook” or something and look up the vocabulary, there are lots of kana words in Japanese that aren’t covered by WK/KW anyway.

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