KaniReader.com - reading site with Wanikani support

Hi everyone, I’d like to share kanireader.com, a Wanikani-based reading site.

Wanikani has been great for my vocabulary, but I struggled to find reading material that matched my progress. Even with beginner material, I ran into words I don’t know yet. Kanireader.com selects and highlights content based on your Wanikani progress.

Sentences are organized by Wanikani word and progress. Words you are learning are highlighted, and have furigana. For unknown words, the English definition is attached to let you read without looking it up.

News articles are also available. For each sentence you can see the word list, read the Google translation, or trigger text to speech. Keyboard controls lets you quickly navigate content.

Please share your feedback with me at kanireader@gmail.com. Thanks!


Seems like a great idea and I’d like to check it out. Unfortunately i got no google account and i don’t plan on creating one. :frowning: So that’s a bit of a bummer.

I’ve updated the site and would appreciate any feedback.

I think this concept was really useful when I was a beginner reader. Chunking by sentence and providing English definition + furigana was really useful from Wanikani levels 10 to ~25 to help me start reading. I’m currently level 35 and able to read multiple sentences without pausing, and I’m admittedly using it less. I think if I had harder content, either Wikipedia or raw NHK news, it would be more useful for intermediate readers.


I’ve tried it out and so far, so good! It’s a fantastic concept. Can’t believe this hasn’t picked up traction yet. Might use this over the NHK Easy News App from now on because the App doesn’t have a function to import known Kanji from WK.

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I really like how sentences are spread out and I can play the audio for each sentence with the touch of a button just like Satori Reader. It’s really convenient.

Hi, thank you for providing this useful resource!

I’m just taking a look now, and I would like to suggest some details on the design.

  • As the user logs in with the Google Account, it should be nice if he could see an icon and the username, instead of the three dots. And by clicking on the icon/username, other itens such as settings, profile and logout would appear.
  • The first page after the login is kinda confusing, and I think it’s because of the headers (they use the same font size, same color) The space between text elements, cards and buttons looks the same.
  • Maybe the Daily News by NHK, Read by Wanikani level and Read by Wanikani word progress should get different designs each one.
  • On the settings page, maybe using hierarchy to organize the items (WK levels, words), the texts are too close to each other. And adding a button to confirm the settings and return to the first page.

Thank you for providing this. I have taken a look and I think the ability to readsentences using vocabulary I have just learned is brilliant. I often skip the second and third sentences in wanikani, as the content is too hard and I have no idea how they are pronounced. The ability to hear, see words defined and a complete translation is just great.

I am a bit uncertain about actually how the site interacts with wanikani and how best to use it. A bit more explanation in about would be very helpful.
There are so many sentences and no obvious way of grouping or selecting, what you do. Maybe a way of showing a sentence you have already interacted with? Or finishing a group, within a category?

I did not know what lesson meant- it seems I think to be a link to the vocab from the last lesson you have done on wanikani (which is amazing if it is) ? Or is it intended to be a lesson- ie this is where you start?

Anyway- this is brilliant. I shall keep playing!

This is great feedback, thank you all! I’ll address the UX and documentation (how it interacts with Wanikani) feedback soon.

Lesson means the words (vocab only not kanji) that you have unlocked in Wanikani and are in the “lesson” ready-to-learn state. Right now I’m only using the word state from Wanikani, not what you learned today, or what you reviewed today. For me, this app was more about reading when I wanted to read and the amount wouldn’t necessarily map to daily study. I’m open to that idea if someone can propose how it would work (critical user journey for UX people).

I’ve thought about importing additional free, legal content such as Wikipedia, NHK regular news, or Aozora Bunko. Open to suggestions. Free form import is a possibility but I want to make sure it’s fast and reliable before I do that. I tried importing a light novel (reincarnated as a slime) from pdfnovels.net, but I think it would need chapter and bookmark support.

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Hello all. I’ve continued to work on this project, and I’ve added some additional news sources and a book (Botchan). You no longer need to log in (though you won’t have Wanikani context), and it’s now more usable on mobile.

Feedback still very welcome!


Just A Little Feedback
I Dont Know If its a bug But The Furigana Combined WIth The Sentences Changes right


I Dont Know If Its Is A bug Or not But I dont Mind It That much .
Nice WebApp Though

I’m using the Kuromoji analyzer to tokenize and interpret sentences and it makes mistakes (primarily names and counters). It is getting better over time.

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