A suggested feature

I think that adding a reading mode for WaniKani would be amazing because it would help strengthen your kanji usage and knowledge.

So what I mean by reading mode is for WaniKani to have articles or books written in kanji.
What would also be nice is if there were a kanji definition and reading for every kanji you don’t know yet.


There are add ons for browsers that do this and let you use them on any website. Some examples are yomichan and rikaikun. They allow you to hover your mouse over a character or word and it will tell you information about it. If you want to practice reading I would say find a website about something you are interested in, but if you are just starting out you could no nhk easy news.


You could also try out https://www.satorireader.com. You can use your WaniKani API key to let it know which kanji you have already learned and change the settings so that words with known kanji don’t get furigana added. The first two articles of every series are free (if they haven’t changed it - my last login is already a year ago). So it is not entirely free like yomichan, but the advantage is that the annotations of every word were manually assigned. And there are also sentence translations and grammar explanations added.


This is the intended function of EtoEto, which will be out SoonTMTM.


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