Kana Only Words Audio Autoplay

When I do my reviews, I have the setting enabled to automatically play the reading’s audio after I get the reading correct. This helps me train pitch accent among other things, but that’s besides the point. The kana only words never quiz you on the reading only the meaning. This means that they don’t autoplay the audio for me :frowning:. Can you add a setting that automatically plays the audio for kana only words when they quiz you on the meaning? Thanks!


@Mods is this a known bug? Or is it a feature that has yet to be implemented?

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Well, it’s a temporary workaround for a known bug - they used to play the audio for kana-only words… and every other kana-only word you’d previously studied, simultaneously.

Interestingly, I noticed that if during a lesson, you return to that card (i.e. navigate back to it with the back button/arrow once you have passed it) it does automatically play the audio.

This request isn’t about lessons, it is about reviews.

I would like to +1 on this feature. If a review has audio associated with it, then the “Autoplay audio in reviews” setting should work for it.

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