[request] play audio

I was wondering if someone would be willing to cook up a user script that will do 2 things_

  1. Play audio for vocab automatically even when I get the reading wrong (like it does when you get it right) &
  2. Make it so I can press J to hear audio after answering the meaning portion of the review as well.
    I’m not good with programming, so thanks in advance to anyone who might be willing to create this thing!! :pray:

But… that would be cheating?

It’s not that different from just checking the info box. Well, the first one. The second one is just cheating if the meaning comes first.

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Here’s a script that does what you want. Just note a few things:

  • I didn’t build the script; I simply reuploaded it with a fixed URL. So I can’t really offer much support if it doesn’t work exactly how you want.
  • It will only play audio when you answer the meaning if you have already correctly answered the reading (for obvious reasons).
  • If you edit the script, you can change the variable enableAutoPlayWhenIncorrect to true (case sensitive). I don’t use this functionality, but I think it might solve your first request.

Thanks for the links @seanblue !!
And I have my reorder script set to do readings first, so not really cheating :wink: