Kana Keyboard Predictive Text Cheating

I’ve been using the Kana keyboard on iOS for Wanikani in Tsurukame, but a big problem is that the predictive typing shows you if you got the reading of the kanji right before you enter it. Does anyone know if / how you can turn off predictive typing, or if there’s a downloadable kana keyboard without predictive typing?

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Does the app have a built in IME to change romaji to kana after you input it? If it does, that would be the intended way to use it.


It does, yes.


Aye, as with WaniKani, you shouldn’t ever need to use an IME or kana keyboard, because it’s got one built-in.


It’s still kinda nice to use the tenkey-style hiragana/katakana keyboard as practice, even if it’s unnecessary.


Can’t you just turn off the phones predictive text feature, in the phones settings?

I doubt that’s possible for Japanese, because that would make you stuck with hiragana forever and the keyboard unusable.


I only want use the tenkey layout. But I agree it’s basically cheating because it does show you the kanji.
It just doesn’t make sense to use the IME imo because that’s not how you would be typing on your phone in a normal situation.

Tape a strip of paper over that part of the screen?


I agree. I think it’s good to get some practice using that keyboard.

They are only asking about using it for Wanikani and as Wanikani doesn’t need Kanji typed in, the method of hiragana only would be useful. You could always turn it back on if that option was available to use for general typing to get Kanji predictive. So that keyboard would be useful for what they are asking about.

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