Just started kanji, whats with the readings not working

So for example for Enter it says in a black shade new, which I assumed is what it wanted me to type for the readings for it to work, but that doesn’t work.

Or for ten it says jewels, I have to type in juwu to get the right kanji.

Am I not supposed to type it and use the kanji thing in the bottom left? If so wants the point of shading it black if that doesn’t help at all?

That’s not what you have to type on the reading. for 入(enter) you have to type nyuu (にゅう), ‘new’ is just a word to help English speakers remember にゅう because it sounds similar. Same thing for ‘jew’ representing juu (じゅう).


Enter (にゅう) - “new” is more of a pronunciation guide. It’s an English word that sounds kind of like にゅう to help you remember the pronunciation. It’s typed “nyuu”

Ten (じゅう) - same as above, ‘wu’ doesn’t exist in Japanese, so it is represented by the same hiragana as ‘u’. Therefore, ‘juwu’ and ‘juu’ both give you じゅう

Tofugu’s hiragana guide (https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/learn-hiragana/) is an excellent resource. I especially recommend reading through the “Combination Hiragana” towards the bottom, as that’s something that tends to trip up a lot of beginners.


If the system just said “here’s the reading: にゅう” and left it at that, you’d be simply rote memorizing stuff. The point of mnemonics is to connect to something that isn’t the actual answer, but is easier to remember, so that you have a bridge to the correct answer.


alright so the meaning in black is just for pronunciation or to help with the typed version of the kanji

It’s a mnemonic to give you a similar sounding English word to jog the kana reading from your memory.

There is a tutorial in the WK user guide that may be helpful, too…

It shows what to type to create the various hiragana and katakana.

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