I keep getting "Enter reading" as wrong, why?

why this is wrong?


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You typed niyuu. にゆう

The correct input would be nyuu. にゅう

Notice the size of the ゆ

In this case にゆう is not a word in Japanese. No word has that spelling. But in other cases it can change the meaning to something else, so it’s a point worthy of attention.

γ˜γ‚†γ† freedom
γ˜γ‚…γ† ten


thank you Leebo, I thought that it only with these γ£γ€γ‚ˆγ‚‡
do you have a good documentation/ PDF about this, I will really appreciated.

Issa Daniel

It’s pretty well covered by the Tofugo articles linked in the WaniKani FAQ (by the way, if you haven’t read that yet, you really should :wink: ):


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