Just Reached Level 10! However

So, I’ve just reached level ten, and for a four-month period of constant Wani-Kani I feel like it’s an accomplishment to be celebrated. Now though, I wonder what I can do to keep these kanjis in my memory through some kind of use. Are there any tips that anyone knows that aren’t boring to really make sure the Kanji stick in my head? Usually, I try and make up a sentence in my head but since I only have myself to correct it doesn’t seem very intuitive.

Read books (or manga or VNs or whatever of course) :smile:

There are lots of book clubs and reading activities around for readers of all levels, so just pick something appropriate to your grammar level and hop on!

E.g. just yesterday the 📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱 started where the participants read something each day and track and share their progress, which is very inspiring.


I copy example sentences that have more than on kanji in them to a word document. Also I tried to type a story using wanikani words. It should be a good way to do it, if I get myself to actually follow the plan. I might have to push myself here, It most likely would be worth it. People must have been doing these anyway. Would be nice to find some ready made stories to save some time.

Congrats on reaching level 10!

For a bite size chunk of reading, you can use Sakubun https://sakubun.herokuapp.com/. This lets you enter either your wanikani level or API key (if you want to capture the kanji you’ve just learned on level 10 as well).

The quiz mode then gives you sentences with only the kanji you know, plus common non-kanji vocabulary. I like it because it’s really low effort and you can translate three or four sentences at a time with immediate correct/incorrect feedback and lots of ‘wow I remember that kanji!’ moments.