Just over here treading water

So last December, I took a break from Wanikani while cramming for the JLPT, and basically built up a 500 item review queue and stopped doing lessons. I later did the level 41 radicals in February, and some 40/41 vocab later on. Since then, I’ve been bouncing between 200 and 600 reviews.

And the other day, I burned “trident”! I burned a radical from the lesson that I’m currently on! For christ’s sake!


well, you’re on the second half already, paradise… just a little more and you’ll be finished, come on, you can do this




I’ve been on my level for 56 days now but like @Ninkastmin said, you’re in Paradise already. Don’t give up!!


You’re already where I can only dream of being!
Or if you’re going to, get to level forty two first. Koichi likes it the best.


Nah, I’m definitely not giving up. I wish I had done some other studying while I was running through 1-20. It would have cemented the vocabulary a lot more, especially the jukugo words.

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I feel you. I ended up stepping away for around two months because my low review percentages were so discouraging. It’s nothing compared to six months, but that knowledge is still in your brain somewhere. You’ve just gotta tease it out.

300 reviews a day every day until you no longer have 300 reviews to do at the end of the day! Go! Go! Go!

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Don’t you give up either!


Same here pretty much! :smiley: I reached level 42 over six months ago and didn’t do any of the new lessons. I checked now and there are actually several burned items from level 41! :rofl:

This wasn’t for JLPT though but to focus on other resources. Compared to textbooks I’ve been overleveled in WK.

Just don’t feel bad. WK is only one part of the journey, so even though it’s been a while since you reached a new level in reality you haven’t even slowed down!

I’m trying my best! Naphthalene, the patron saint of kanji learners, please guide me! :sob:

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sends good vibes to @teeth7, @gojarappe and @everyone

how about joining the beginner book club for extra practice?


I would worry more about you… except you’re level 41. At that level, you will have learned around 95% of kanji used in Japanese newspapers (according to wkstats). Not saying that the last 20 levels have no useful kanji, just saying that it would be more worrisome if you had stopped at 20 or even 30.

One month later, and I finally got it together to clear my review pile. Maybe I’ll do some lessons today. (Eh, maybe tomorrow…)


Do some today. Find something you like to do with clear segments, and when you hit those segments, do 3-5 lessons. Between levels of a game, episodes of a show, sets of exercises… It makes it easy.


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