I got back on the wagon after over a year!

I fell off some time last year, and when I checked back after a couple of months over 1.300 reviews were staring me in the face. Plus all the new lessons, of level 15, I haven’t even started yet.

It took me more than 3 months and living in Japan for most of that time to burn over 1.000 items, get another 600 from Apprentice to Guru and finally finish Level 15 after almost 600 days.

Being in Japan I see newly learned Kanji almost immediately and while I mostly need to work on my listening and sentence forming (basically everything Wanikani doesn’t help with), I’m looking forward to keeping on track and regaining my 2-3 week per level schedule.

I still have roughly 900 reviews left to do, until I reach 0, but that is, because I added new things through the lessons. Now that I’ve taken that hurdle for now, I can relax and start bringing that number down as well.

I hope I didn’t forget too many burned items, and since I sort by SRS level, a lot of “mastered” items will probably crash down pretty hard. But slow and steady wins the race. Let’s go toward the future!


Level 17. We’re getting there!


I restarted late last year for the third time. I restarted from the beginning, and I’m on level 11 now. For some reason, I’m taking it less seriously now. I don’t get upset when I miss something, and I didn’t look for some add-on to help me cheat. ^_^. I don’t know how long it was last, but I have a kind of “runners high” doing Wanikani at the moment. I hope I’ve really changed my mind about this.


As you probably also experienced, that runners high gets a bit dampened for me, when I finish the level and suddenly have 40 new vocabs to do, before getting to the new stuff. Especially if the vocab seems pretty unnecessary.

Luckily atm, I’m in Japan, so just walking through the city I see a lot of Kanji and vocabs I would normally probably never encounter, like political stuff, since there seem to be elections soon.

Hope you can keep at it and work on it little by little, just like I’m trying as well :slight_smile:

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