Just found a treasure of japanese books!

I can’t believe that for one whole year I had no idea about it. I’m a student for a second degree in the hebrew university in jerusalem, and I found section with tons of japanese books!
The whole graded reader series! I took 10 of them home to read.
They have many manga series, but they are too difficult for me for now. Amazing! I’m so happy to find it.


In the library, I hope? You didn’t just sneak into the school of languages and run off with their reference material? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does anyone now where can I find Japanese books in DC?

For sure always check your library, and if they have a process to borrow from other libraries/districts also. I found the children’s section of my local library has more international books than the adults area, but I also found that I am far too irresponsible with them, and that I end up with enough late fees to have bought the book, while some sad Japanese kid is clearly out there waiting to learn about all the things you can count with 本. :sob:

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