Used book marketplace?

It’s really hard to get ahold of printed learning material in my country (Germany). I’ve heard there are some Kinokuniyas in the US? I basically have to import directly from Japan if I don’t want to pay scalper prices and it’s still not exactly cheap. If you don’t scribble all over your books, I’m sure most books could be reused by someone else. For example you’d usually work though Genki and then be done with.
Is there some kind of marketplace preferably in the Japanese learning community because supply and demand are both low on general platforms (like ebay etc).
I’d suggest we could just use the thread here for people to post their old books that they don’t need anymore but that is kinda hard to coordinate without pms. is pretty good shipping to most places. It’s often cheaper than buying things locally in the US.


This is a nice coincidence, I was wondering if there were any rules against these sorts of things or why we don’t already have a thread like this one if there are not.

Unfortunately, I’m not ready to sell them yet (would have been a good match since I live in Austria) but I have a huge stack of beginner level books that I bought in Japan and it would be nice to pass them on to new owners once I’m ready more advanced stuff. So if this thread still exists in a couple of months: I’ll be back. :slight_smile:

There definitely is no good way to get Japanese print books in my town, so I lean on the public library system and Amazon. Sidenote: the library near me is amazing for Japanese children’s books, which was a huge surprise, and you should check yours out if you haven’t already. They also have services like Rosetta Stone for free?

I’m surprised your library has books in Japanese. Where do you live? California? Somewhere in Asia?

There are 2 japanese bookstores in Düsseldorf. Takagi and Nippon book store. Both located in the Immermannstrasse. I don’t know if they sell second hand books though.

In my library there are a nice bunch of books in Japanese. I live in Finland.


I live in Las Vegas (yes, that Las Vegas), which doesn’t have near as many resources as more populated cities in the US and while we do have a lot of Asian people in Vegas, most are not Japanese. We do have a surprisingly robust library district, though.

But also, some library districts share books with other districts so if they don’t have something, you can order it from the next county/state over.

Ask a local university’s Japanese program what the students do with their books

You can find used books on the US Amazon website. Is this not an option in Germany?

Also, this chain is in the USA sells used books:

Actually, @rhet, I just checked out Japanese the Manga Way (at your recommendation) from my library today.

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