Buying Japanese graded readers in London

Hey! I’ll be traveling to London soon so I was wondering if anybody here knows if I can buy Japanese Graded Readers there? I am interested in Japanese Graded Readers Complete Set.

I was googling a bit but I cannot find those specific readers anywhere but on online stores, which often have hefty shipping rates.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Japan Centre has some books, though their collection was small and fairly random (but I only gave in a passing glance, so there could be something of use there) (also I’ve only been to the Leicester Square one, the others may be different; but if you don’t find the books at least there are nice Japanese restaurants nearby?).


I’ve definitely seen the readers in Foyles on Charing Cross Road, although sold individually so they might not have the complete set. You can also reserve through their website and collect instore.


Great, I’ll check it out. I am not actually looking for a complete set, but for separate volumes. :slight_smile: Could’ve phrased it better. Thanks!

Restaurants are always a good idea!

I have a bunch of level 0/1 for sale, this brand and the other popular ones, unread, if anyone wants. I just couldn’t get into them even though they’re so useful …

(couldn’t find anything in the FAQ about these kinds of posts so if it’s not allowed please forgive me mods.)

Seconding this! They have a whole floor dedicated to language books - the Japanese section isn’t the biggest compared to some other languages, but you can definitely spend some time browsing. If you like books generally, the whole shop is a great place to wander around :heart_eyes:

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No problem, let me know if you need any other London tips.

I would certinaly be interested in buying these off of you.

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email me for details on which volumes I have!