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I was just writing some random sentences the other day, when I randomly thought about the word “私自身” (わたしじしん)and how strange it is. Then I randomly came up with the sentence: 新聞は私自身ち死すべし (しんぶんはわたしじしんちしすべし). Yes, I know the sentence makes no sense, but try saying it 5 times really fast. Yeah, that’s what I thought. So I wanted to hear what tongue twisters people on Wanikani could come up with! Be creative, the sentences don’t have to make sense, but they have to be grammatically correct, and use real words (obviously). Extra points if the sentence has any hint of actual meaning.


These are called 早口言葉, and I think they’re so fun! My students have taught me a few of the more common ones:


(this one is actually a sentence!)


I haven’t made any up myself but I find these fun to say :blush: There’s a bunch of other ones too, but these are the only ones I’ve memorized (sorta).


My favourite is this one:


My favourite one is:

にわにはにわにわとりがいる (庭には二羽鶏がいる - In the garden there are two chicken)


You have a typo, you have ら in the kanji sentence, but ち in your kana sentence.

Also, not even going to try to say it out loud :sweat_smile:.

In a text I read recently there was a sentence that took me 5 tries to speak out loud:
機能的識字率が著しく低下する(きのうてき しきじりつが いちじるしく ていかする


I was just thinking “isn’t there something like niwa niwa niwa…”

Well, there it is :sweat_smile:

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Just one word, but I found 執務室 pretty amusing the other day :stuck_out_tongue:.

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