Jotoba - that Japanese dictionary - is back!

I’m here to announce the second big release of Jotoba. In case you don’t already know it, its a free multi language Japanese dictionary with a lot of features that can help you learn Japanese which makes word/sentence/kanji lookup even easier.
Those features include autocompletion when searching, pitch accent, sentence breakdown, inflection detection and more languages than only English.

After some downtime, we just published a big update containing a completely newly written frontend, better sentence splitting, more example sentences and other neat features.

Check it out:

We’re happy over any feedback we can get so feel free to comment on your thoughts!


It would be nice if a word or Kanji’s direct link has correct og tags – Jotoba

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What makes it different or sets it apart from Jisho? /genuine

There are a lot of differences. The major ones are:

  • More than only English translations
  • Search auto completion (Suggestions when you type)
  • Pitch accent
  • Way better, faster and more comfortable radical picker
  • More audio and sentence sources
  • Multiple audio files for a lot of words
  • Mix hashtags (eg. “#n3 #katakana”) to search for katakana N3 words
  • Way faster and better user experience
  • Shortcuts
  • Kanji decomposition trees (click the kanji literal on the kanji page)
  • Copy audio link on right click on the icons
  • Better API
  • See (in-)transitive versions of verbs which have one
  • Customize parts of the UI in the settings
  • Support for more inflections (eg. volitional, なさい, …) and overall better sentence splitting
  • Still under very active development

That’s all I can think about now. Probably even more if I look into the code.


That’s nice! I like the mixed hashtags and the auto-complete especially.

  • When I type 焼くor 焼ける, where do I see the transitive or intransitive form?
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I like the radicals one one page like on Jisho. I think it’s not optimal on Jisho, because there should be some space between the different numbers of strokes, but taking my mouse and clicking on the different tabs for numbers of strokes (especially when I am not sure sometimes whether it is like 4 or 5 strokes) is a bit suboptimal for my taste.

It looks really promising, cool work! :slight_smile:

On mobile click the word 焼く and then select the “Transitive word” tab. On Desktop hit the 3-dot menu → “Direct reference” → “Transitive Word”

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, it’s a german page? That’s nice. I’m always skeptical about the quality when services say they’re multi-lingual. But if it’s a German page, I’ll trust that the German translations will be accurate.

I like that this site has pitch accent. I would like for jisho to have this feature as well.

The problem I tend to see with new sites is that they are cool, but tend to be abandoned after a while. Your site won’t be abandoned in a year or so, right? :slight_smile:

How big is your audio coverage? Do you have audio for every word, or just more than jisho?


Thanks for your feedback!

But if it’s a German page, I’ll trust that the German translations will be accurate

The translations for words come from JMdict, not from us though. Although we’re collaborating with native Japanese people to create more example sentences for German.

Your site won’t be abandoned in a year or so, right?

We’re already online for 2 years and have no intention to abandon it, (compared to jisho which is more or less abandoned). We have a lot of features we want to implement and are actively working on them :smiley:

How big is your audio coverage? Do you have audio for every word, or just more than jisho?

We have 2 sources for audio files as you can see on the about page so the coverage should be way higher than jisho but we don’t have audio for every word.

Checked it out for 5 seconds, already sold and leaving Jisho :joy: This is so good

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Yay it’s back!! Thanks!! I always liked the clean UI :durtle_love: (and the mascot)

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I really like the concept, but I’ve had trouble trying it out with Dutch.

For example, here is a search in English:

And the same search in German:

But if I switch to Dutch, it crashes:

Is there a way with jotoba to search all words with Kanji X that use reading Y?
Quite often I have a word at the tip of my tongue and I remember only the first kanji and its reading, so for example I would like to search for all words starting with 正 with reading しょう. Something like “正(しょう)*” but jisho only allow “正*” which return tons of words starting with せい.

Thanks for the feedback. I reported the issue to the frontend developer. Will be fixed soon!

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You can search for 正 セイ (write the kanji + space + reading) which will automatically show all words with that kanji and せい as its reading. Jotoba will also give you suggestions for the reading as you type the kanji + space.

Alternatively you can go on the kanji page for 正 and click the on-reading セイ


Cheers, can’t wait :grin:

Fixed. Thanks for reporting!

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Oooo, that was quick! Thanks, I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this :heart_eyes:

I think I’ve found another bug: when my cursor is in the search bar and I press cmd + A to select all, it types an ‘a’ instead. Same for cmd + X, cmd + V, etc. I wonder if that’s a macOS thing? Ctrl + A doesn’t type an ‘a’, but of course it won’t select any text.

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Jisho can search 正 せい - and 正* せい -* as well.

正 セイ - doesn’t work for some reasons.

Yeah that’s a known bug which we’re also working on.

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@Phryne Ctrl shortcut issue on mac also fixed!

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