Jisho Joshu: Your Japanese Reading Assistant


I’m pleased to release Jisho Joshu, a free application for Japanese language learners that makes it easy to look up word definitions while reading native material.

When you input some Japanese text, Jisho Joshu analyzes it for words you might not know based on your progress in WaniKani and makes it easy to look those words up in an online dictionary. Even if you’re not using WaniKani, the app still makes it easy to look up words you don’t know with a single click. It’s a great way to get started reading native Japanese material! You can even get a full translation of the text if you’re having a hard time and want to give up. =)

I made this app because some friends and I are all going through WaniKani, but are at different levels, so it was hard to know which words they would understand when we were practicing. The idea was that I could write what I wanted to write, then set it to the level I knew my friends were at to see what words they wouldn’t know. It sort of evolved into a general purpose dictionary assistant that can help anyone work through Japanese reading material and increase their reading skills. I use it myself for reading online news and manga.

Of course I had to over-engineer it with a kawaii digital assistant and swappable themes to make the reading experience a bit more fun and enjoyable. I hope this will be an excellent tool to help with your reading and understanding of Japanese!


Downloaded it, will defitnely donate if i find myshelf using it. The Meme phrase from joujou series, which the assistant said made me laugh because it was so unexpected. xD


I would find it creepy if myshelf used it…but each to their own I guess… :man_shrugging:


I appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into this and I’m certain that there is a subset of Japanese learners who’d really enjoy using it, but I can’t honestly count myself among them. I think having a chibi avatar actually distracts a little bit from the function, personally.


I like it! I think it’s cute. I might use it for when I look at websites and feel a bit overwhelmed. Having what I should know and what I probably don’t pointed out to me sounds like a way to cut down on trepidation.


I don´t want to interrupt myshelf, so i had to become patient.