Introducing the Jotoba App - Your go to dictionary now also in your pocket!

Hey WaniKani Community!

:cherry_blossom: We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with you all – the launch of the brand-new official Jotoba Android App!

:calling: Download Link: Jotoba on Google Play
:globe_with_meridians: Website:

:star2: What is Jotoba?
For those unfamiliar, Jotoba is not just your ordinary Japanese dictionary – it’s your all-in-one language companion designed with learners in mind. We’ve poured our hearts and minds into creating a tool that enhances your Japanese learning experience in more ways than one.

:sparkles: Key Features:

  1. Instant Text Search: Click any text on your phone and search it directly in Jotoba via the text selection popup.
  2. AI-Powered Word Ranking: Our advanced algorithm incorporates AI to enhance your learning experience.
  3. Smart Suggestions: Receive helpful suggestions when typing multiple translations for words and sentences.
  4. Pitch Accent Insights: Learn pitch accent directly when looking up words.
  5. Rich Example Sentences: Learn in context with a plethora of example sentences.
  6. Kanji Search: Seamlessly look up kanji using radical lookup.

:tada: What’s New?
With our recent Android App release, we’ve made Jotoba even more accessible and user-friendly, ensuring you have a reliable companion right in your pocket wherever your language-learning adventures take you.

:mag: How It Works:
Once you have the Jotoba app installed and launched once, a nifty context menu entry will be added on your phone. Simply highlight any text on your mobile device, tap the context menu, and voila! Jotoba will instantly search the selected text, providing you with definitions, examples, and more – right at your fingertips.

:raised_hands: Feedback Welcome!
We’re passionate about continuous improvement, so your feedback matters a lot to us! Share your thoughts on Jotoba and the new App on our Discord server and help us make Jotoba even better!

Thank you for being an incredible community, and we can’t wait for you to experience the magic of Jotoba!

Happy Learning! :star2:

Jotoba Team


Haven’t tried out the app yet, but I praise you for the cute tanuki :eyes: :ok_hand:



Glad you liked the tanuki! When you have a chance to check out the app, we hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share your thoughts or feedback anytime.
Happy exploring with Jotoba! :raccoon:

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One thing I’d love is if there was a way for me to log my searches, by making an account or something. Otherwise, I really adore Jotoba. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! We’re actually working on that. Stay tuned!


Is an offline version currently planned or not? If would be great to use without internet access (e.g in a plane).


Any future plans for an iOS release?


Yes, an offline version is on our roadmap, and we understand the importance of having Jotoba available without internet access. Although it is a complex task and will take some time until we’ve implemented it.


Certainly! While we do have plans for an iOS release in the future, it’s important to note that iOS development requires a Mac, which is quite expensive. This is why we currently can’t tell how long it’ll take until an iOS app will be available.


Down the road I suggest to get the entry level “Mac mini” with Apple silicon, which is the most affordable in the Mac desktop series. It is quite the powerful little device and it will last you for several years. This is what most devs get when getting into iOS / MacOS development.

Nevertheless, I understand it is quite the initial expense.

Thanks for the advice! The Mac mini with Apple silicon sounds like a great option. As we continue to grow, we’ll definitely explore such options to expand Jotoba to iOS. Stay tuned!