JLPT Kanji?

I’m on level 3 moving into level 4 and WK Stats says that I’ve already learnt all kanji for N5 that is available on WaniKani (56.98%) and I have to learn the rest myself which is fair, I understand that, but it also says the same for N4, N3, N2 and N1. (14.46%, 1.63%, 1.36% and 0.32% respectively) So whats the deal? Is this really as far as WK will take me for the JLPT tests?

I’m not sure where you’re pulling the numbers from, but wanikani offers all kanji for N5, N4, N3, and N2. N1 has a handful omitted, but only around 200 or so.

I don’t remember the point where you get 95% of N5, but I think it’s around level 8/9


The stats don’t work correctly without a subscription. There’s been a few threads about it already, but can’t find them ATM.

WK has all N5 kanji.


It was clarrified here:

I’ve moved this thread to API & Third-Party Apps since this really relates to WKstats, not WaniKani

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Thats just what it said on WK Stats, under charts and then JLPT, but as morteasd said, because i dont have the subscription the stats don’t work correctly. Thank you for also clearing it up!

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Thank you for moving the thread! This is my first time posting so I don’t fully know how it all works haha
Also, thank you for the link! It all makes sense now


No problem, we try to help out where we can ^^


One of the threads was here:

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