JLPT Stats differ

Hi all

Could I just ask a probably stupid question (and, as usual, sorry if it’s been asked before)

Two different WaniKani stat sites give two completely different results for JLPT Kanji progress


I get 89/103 N5 and 74/181 for N4

Whereas https://www.idigtech.com

I get 72/79 N5 and 79/166 N4

Am I just being stupid or am I missing something here?

Thanks a million!

There are no official JLPT kanji lists

irmoony said... There are no official JLPT kanji lists
 This. These kanji lists are created based off of what kanji appeared on tests in prior years. The test changes every year so it is difficult to predict what kanji will be on it.

N5 tests sometimes have N4 content as well.

I’m happy to update the kanji list on idigtech.com if someone has a list that they think (with evidence) is better.  I’m currently just using the list linked by tangorin.com.  It’s been a while, so I don’t remember the reason for choosing that list.