We salute you API Version 1

So my guess is wrong. I stand corrected. Thanks for answering.

@rfindley can you answer @Zuira 's question above?

No worries im still here!

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Not, it was that in WaniKani Explorer I’d put the API into it, and it would collect all of the current vocab that I was learning and export them into a .csv file that I’d later transport to MSWord to save as a list. Shame that the person that made the website didn’t update it in time to work with API v2, though.

I mean I can write them out, but it was just more convenient that way.

I see. then how about this? Would this help?

You don’t require a Bitcoin with every request? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


wkstats.com uses a mostly-unmodified version of Open Framework, and Open Framework limits fetched data according to the subscription. So, it’s a side effect of that. I’m sure Tofugu wouldn’t have a problem with me showing those stats based on level > 3, so I’ll fix it when I finish the site.


Imagine the additional slowdown waiting on transactions to complete :fearful:


How about 2FA? Can we get a 2FA prompt any time a API call is made? :wink:

Sure we’ll add Yubikey and Keybase support while we are at it.


Can you imagine though? Having to insert your Yubikey every time you open your dashboard? Ouch.


As a very sad user of WK for Android, I tried Flaming Durtles and hated it. Interface is low-effort looking. Any other good alternatives out there?

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I think that the only other app that’s maintained is Leap For Wanikani

I’d say that even if you don’t like the look of the interface of Flaming Durtles, that you should give it a try using it for a week at least; it has a very good feature set, with most of the most popular scripts integrated, etc.

Sometimes it’s not worth judging a book by it’s cover when it comes to apps with features vs appearance.


Alright, I’ll give it a shot. Still really bummed about WK. Honestly, it’s kind of crazy that WaniKani still doesn’t have official mobile apps.

From a development perspective, you have to understand that they’re a very small team and have to focus their time on what is deemed most beneficial to the community. If you see things from their perspective, they provide an excellent API, which the community has done great things with. Could they make apps better than Flaming Durtles and Tsurukame? Probably, with time, but why? Would their time not be better spent making the best possible platform for learning on the web?

Most companies face similar development issues and you’ll see some sites have excellent apps and terrible sites. I’m just happy that WaniKani is such a well designed and extensible site, with all the scripting and stuff they allow.


There may be hope for you. See here.

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@Kumirei Thanks for the shout out. First off, I’ll say I really like WK, we salute you API 1, and welcome API 2. The core team did a great job with it.

@naut @Joeni I’m the creator of Leap for WaniKani and from my perspective, the problem we currently face isn’t so much technical expertise as it is legal and long-term ownership. I can make a full port of the website as an app with the WK design system - you can check out the thread Kumieri posted - and an iOS version is doable as well. However, in my opinion, until the API terms are loosened and the company allows third-party developers to charge a modest price for their apps, we’ll continue to be in a quasi-supported app state. Understandably, there are a lot of reasons why the company may not want to develop it themselves and I had some experimental ideas around an open source proposal to try and reach a balance.

@prouleau That’s interesting because it looks like a revival of a legacy app, but I looked at the code and it’s webview-driven as well, so it’s not much different than Leap for WaniKani today with the exception of some of recently studied items. Also, it sounds like the original person who has control over the app KeyStore for releases is MIA. Flaming Durtles is the first to tackle Lessons and Reviews with native Android support which is really the big ticket item we want. :tophat:


I talked to the author back when they first announced that they were sunsetting V1, so they aren’t unreachable. They did say that they didn’t have any plans on updating it for V2, though


Thankfully we have you as the guardian of the open source tools. ┬─┬ノ(ಠ_ಠノ)

Either way, if someone wants an update to the webview, they can file a GitHub Issue request with Leap and I’ll release it. It is ironic since I am the principal author, but we don’t need more WK apps with webviews. A strategic direction on where we are headed with all of this is needed.


You care about looks more than functionality?

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