JLPT December 2022 一緒に勉強しましょう

Hi JLPT study buddies & lurkers :wink:

I want to take JLPT N3 in December 2022 and I really need to study if I want to pass. :closed_book: So I thought I’d make a thread for everyone who is studying for JLPT (no matter which level) so that we can share our study goals, some resources and of course our achievements. :smiley: (or lack thereof :sweat_smile:). We can also keep each other motivated with gifs :upside_down_face:

I’ll go first:
Study goals: Looking at sample questions it became clear to me that I totally suck at grammar :laughing: so I want to focus on that in the upcoming weeks. I also think that my reading needs some improving (especially reading speed :snail: as well as not just spacing out after a while due to lack of concentration).
Resources: I am still looking for good resources. I saw that there are some specialized books for JLPT and I am thinking about buying them. Other than that I will use resources I already actively use (Genki for grammar, Wanikani for Kanji, Anki for vocab, etc.). If anyone has specific recommendation I would greatly appreciate it! :grinning:
Also: This is the first JLPT I will take, so if anyone has some general recommendations for taking the test, let me know!

So what about you guys? :grinning:

What JLPT do you plan to take in Dec '22?
  • JLPT N1
  • JLPT N2
  • JLPT N3
  • JLPT N4
  • JLPT N5
  • None, I’m just lurking

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Have you taken a JLPT exam before?
  • No
  • Yes, another level that I am taking now
  • Yes, the same level that I am taking now
  • Yes, another and the same level I am taking now

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What do you want to focus your studies on?
  • Grammar
  • Kanji
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • All of the above & more
  • I’m not going to study

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皆さん、 一緒に勉強しましょう!:star2: :closed_book:


For me, I am taking the N4. It will be my first time taking the JLPT, so it should be interesting.

Study goals: Create a manageable study schedule that fits around work. I’m definitely a morning person, so trying to learn grammar after work is not happening. My focus atm is grammar, since there are so many grammar points that I learn and forget how to use, so trying to find a way to remember them. Reading I think it is okay for N4, I just need to review kanji and remember a lot of vocabulary. And I will do some practice listening tests closer to the test time. Probably from November.
Resources: I use similar resources, Wanikani for kanji intro, a 2nen sei kanji book for kanji practice and vocab acquisitions, Anki to go over new and old vocabulary and Shinkansen Master to go over the grammar points I forgot when I studied Japanese a few years ago at uni. For reading I am using the Shinkansen master to practice and I try to read 1 article from NHK easy news.

My studying does alternate, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday is for grammar study & 2nen sei kanji book work (I aim for 1 page a day as not to overwhelm myself). Then Tuesday & Thursday are focused on reading, doing 1 pag of Kanzen master. But everyday, I aim for 1 NHK easy news article and 10-15 new lessons on Wanikani.

Let’s see what happens in December! :grimacing:

P.s. don’t know how to add gifs, so none from me at the moment!


Not currently going to be taking any of the JLPT levels, but I’m really considering it once I get my grammar together. I’ve been learning Japanese at school and it’s been kinda slow, so I took up WaniKani to improve my kanji and it has helped so significantly that I actually feel I could maybe pass one of the levels…
except grammar. Grammar is my pitfall and I really want to work on that soon. Maybe then I’ll actually take one of the JLPT exams (probably N4).

The POLL doesn’t have a “Yes, but I am not taking it this time” option.

You’re right! But now WK says that I cannot change the poll…

(I’m not taking it this December but I want to take the JLPT N3 next summer. However, I am currently studying for the test now.)
I just passed the N4 and took the N5 awhile ago. I struggled with the N4, so I think I need some time before jumping in to take another test. BUT, I want to start studying for it now.

Study goals: Finish Tsunagu Nihongo vol 2 and Quartet (Intermediate textbook) vol 1 before moving on to more JLPT oriented books. I also want to find a tutor to improve my speaking and listening skills.

Resources: I highly recommend the Tsunagu Nihongo textbooks over Genki. Genki is great, but Tsunagu Nihongo covers more grammar and has some JLPT focused sections built in the workbook (as well as what genki does like writing your own answers and doing grammar drills). It also seems to be a similiar set up to Quartet so it’s and easier transition. As for studying for the JLPT itself, I highly recommend the Nihongo So-Matome books and The Best Practice Tests for the JLPT book which contains 3 practice tests and a rough estimate grading rubric to see how well you might do. Both of these books have every level for the JLPT. I used them for the N4 and will use them for the N3.

I also heard the TRY! series is good and will look into that as well.



I’m using the Shin Kanzen Master N2 series which has been very helpful, since it drills you at identifying the correct/incorrect answers more quickly (often without having to read all the text that is presented). Whenever I work with the textbooks my correct percentage is very high but I’m by no means working as fast as I will be forced to on the JLPT, so time management is one of my priorities. I started all the N2 textbooks at the start of the summer and did ~11 pages a day on average for 2 months. After the semester started (final year of my second bachelor’s degree) I’ve only been consistently doing WK and Anki daily but my goal (before the JLPT) is to at least completely finish the textbooks and read maybe 2-3k more pages of short stories I have stacked on my shelf.


I’m taking N2 again in December (failed once, passed once, want to improve my score - just for fun btw). My main focus needs to be vocab :sweat_smile: and of course I will also go over grammar once again (with my Bunpro deck that I derived from SKM N2), practice reading with SKM N2 (and also reading books), practice listening on YouTube.

@Wizz: If you want to take N3 then Genki won’t cut it. Vol I roughly covers N5 and Vol II roughly covers N4 so you’ll need those two under your belt and then the N3 stuff on top of it. There are several options; I personally used the Try!N3 book (as that was the book my school used) and then SKM N3 grammar for rehearsing.
Another recommendation is: read books (not manga)! You will get so much more understanding for grammar and vocab through that. (Incidentally, the Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI・Next: おばちゃんたちのいるところ is currently voting for their next pick :upside_down_face:).
My test taking recommendation would be: Familiarize yourself with the question types beforehand. The types are the same each time, so if you understand already what they are asking for, there is no need for you to waste precious time by fumbling with the instructions.
Good luck!


Thanks for the tips! :grinning: I am well aware that there is a high chance of me failing N3, I just didn’t want to take N4 as the sample questions seemed fairly easy to me and I wanted to push myself. I also know that my WK level is a bit low for N3, but oh well…
My grammar is all over the place. I at one point knew most of the Genki stuff, but forgot quite a bit. So I really need to rehearse a lot… My biggest problem also seems to be that I can recognize grammar but I cannot use it correctly.


I’m taking N4 in december, i’ve taken n5 and passed easily but seemingly alongside everyone else my grammar is terrible :). My practice resources:

grammar: i’m working through n5 and N4 on BunPro alongside genki 1, 2 & new kanzen master bunpo
kanji: wk :slight_smile:
vocab: hajimete tango n4
listening: pimsleur 4 and Comprehensible Japanese
reading practice: at the moment not much but I think i’m pretty okay with reading but Comprehensible Japanese has video transcripts that are great for practicing.

Despite doing most of the above I’m not sure I’m gonna pass cos it just takes me such a long time for anything to sink in!! And when reading and listening I can recognise/undersand grammar and vocab but I can’t seem to remember from memory :weary:

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Good luck Wizz! Another tip for you :slight_smile: You can use this site to see which WK kanji you haven’t learnt yet for N4 :slight_smile: it also provides links back to WK to the kanji that you’re missing and shows you what level you will learn them. That way you’ll be able to figure out the level you need to get to to know most of N4 and know the specific ones you’re missing out on :slight_smile:

good luck!!


This is so true. It can be easy to forget that the JLPT doesn’t simply test your Japanese, but it tests Japanese in a very specific format. Having some experience with the format helps a lot. It can be simple things like checking the answer options before reading the full text, and not wasting time reading the parts that are obviously not applicable. Stuff like this is crucial for time management.


I’m taking the N3 this year. It’s my first JLPT ever, so we’ll see how that goes.


Taking N1 this winter. Passed N2 way back in 2018 so I’m pretty late.

Reactivated my wanikani account to prepare for it since my reading ability is pretty awful compared to my listening/speaking. Studying by doing wanikani on the train and just reading things in Japanese.


Im taking the n3 in december. grammar wise i should already know everything or almost everything becayse i have started to study n2 resources as well because i hope to pass n1 next year and am rushing through. in terms of study plans i now have a tutor, but i have to increase the amount of time i spend with him, and im gonna have to do loads of listening tasks very soon because thats where im lackin for sure. and i also hope to reach level 60 by that time so hopefully those kanjis can help me in the test as well…

I registered for N5 even though I already finished Genki I this summer. But I also wrap up my PhD thesis towards the end of the year (or at least hope to), so I was too cowardly to sign up for N4, which would need some serious studying, but still possible. Now I’ll just be super over-qualified for N5 but taking my first JLPT is exciting reagardless :slight_smile:


I signed up for the N3 this year and am feeling relatively prepared. I took and passed the N4 in 2019 so I’m already familiar with the JLPT format. At that point I had only finished Genki I and half of Genki II, so I was a little under-prepared. I probably only passed because I’m a good test-taker in all honesty lol. This time I know most of the kanji I expect to see on the test (no thanks to WK), and I should be good with grammar given that I’m nearly finished with IATIJ. I’m really trying to work on reading, listening, and vocabulary in the next 2.5 months before the test. For anyone studying with textbooks, I definitely recommend using the accompanying workbook because it really helps solidify understanding of the grammar points (In my experience, but YMMV of course).


I’m going for N5. I fee like I could’ve aimed a little higher but I wanted to be sure I’d pass because then I can get it marked as a course even though I self study. I’m mostly lacking in some grammar and vocab (damn business JLPT vocab), so those are what I’m focusing the most on, and then I’m just trying to get tons and tons of immersion.

For kanji I’m of course doing WaniKani (I’m already familiar with all the N5 kanji though).
For vocab I’m going through an N5 anki deck, picking up random words that stick out to me during immersion, and I’m planning on starting to use a JPDB deck mainly for fun.
For grammar I have Bunpro to help because I finally realised it has a free trial.

A little nervous, but I’m feeling rather optimistic. I’m aiming for at least a near perfect score, but obviously perfect is the goal


I’m going for the N4 in December! I was debating between that and N3, but I just don’t think my kanji are up to N3 yet. I’d rather take N4 and pass to really know I’m at least there than to take N3 and fail and possibly throw myself off in disappointment.

I’ve previously used Genki 1 and 2, and some Tobira through my various college classes.
Right now I’m using Wanikani, some kanji practice sheets from kanji.sh, and will have an online grammar course starting in October. I’d like to start going through some manga I have to look for new grammar/vocab/kanji.

…I’m also currently living in Japan, which I think is probably a form of studying all on its own, lol.


Do you have any tips for the reading section. I am not usually good at these type of questions, even in my native language so it has always been difficult for me. I can read it and understand it but I guess the answers and everything throw me off.