JLPT N3 - December Chat Group

Hi there!
Is anyone taking the JLPT N3 this December?

I’ve been thinking about creating a Telegram or Whatsapp chat group for everyone who’s planning on taking the JLPT N3 in December so we can practice and exchange some nice material and knowledge! Also, if there are doubts about any N3 topic that may still be unclear to any of us, we can solve them out together. What do you think? Let’s help and encourage each other on this learning journey!

By the way, I’m using the Kanzen Master and Sou Matome series :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you on Discord? If you’re looking for people to talk to and share resources, you could join this server: https://discord.gg/Vky8GS

I’ve never done a JLPT test before, but having gotten back from Japan the other week I felt like I needed a new objective, so indeed I plan on doing it this December. N3.


I’m doing N3 this July. Using shinkanzen master for grammar.

I’ll be lvl 26 come the test which puts me on 80% of the kanji :confused:

Anyone know where to find past papers or practice tests?

I am, I missed taking the N4 in June because I missed the application period. So I’m pushing on to do the n3 in December.

Given my Wanikani level I’m slowing that down and spending more time on grammar and vocab. I meet my tutor weekly but it’s though.

Currently puzzlingly somewhat over 「くらい」in the sense of ‘to the extent that’. I find this one quite difficult because the English translations of this always seem so clunky.

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I used these for the N4 last year, they have the other levels too. The N4 ones were helpful.

Good luck for the N3 this year! I was considering taking it, but I decided to just wait until next year since I only JUUUST passed the N4 and I would like more time to study the material.

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Currently puzzlingly somewhat over 「くらい」in the sense of ‘to the extent that’. I find this one quite difficult because the English translations of this always seem so clunky.

Shinkanzen master is pretty good for stuff like this. I downloaded the entire list of example sentences from the book and put it into anki, and go through about 10 or so sentences every day.

  • 「〜くらいだ・〜ぐらいだ・〜くらい…・〜ぐらい…・〜ほどだ・〜ほど…」

“To the extent that ~, in which ~ is an example (emphasizing extent) of what could have, but did not actually happen.”

Here I’ll try to explain using examples from the book:


This shops bread is delicious… To the extent that I want to eat it every day. (but I won’t actually)

Alright, that’s pretty straightforward right?

But the confusing thing about くらい is that it acts backwards in the sentence to what we expect in English grammar. i.e. “to the extent that” is applied to the thing that くらい follows.


According to the weather forecast, today the wind will blow almost as if it was like a typhoon.
According to the weather forecast, today the wind will blow to the extent that it seems like a typhoon.

Not exactly sure which is the better translation, but we get a rough understanding, which I think is enough for this.

Anyway hope this helps and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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Cool thanks, I’ll check those out. Not too expensive either!

Yeah, I think I’ll be really lucky even just to scrape through N3… I’m just gonna cram as much in as I can over the next 6 weeks.

I’m also taking the N3 in December! Thought about trying to scrape by in July, but I figured I’d take the N4 in July instead and get a good mark + motivation from that before rushing into N3. I’d rather not just barely pass if I can at all help it.

I bought some textbooks already to start practicing (mainly the intermediate textbook made by the people who made Genki and a couple Kanzen Master books), but my main weak point is my reading/kanji–I’m going to go hard on WaniKani in the coming months for sure. If anyone knows any other resources, let me know!

Could you share again the invite link? It’s expired already … Thank you! and happy studying to everybody!

Anyone using Nihongo sou Matome ? How do you use it ? There are absolutely no explaination about anything, it throws grammar points at you and you basically have to look it up somewhere else.

I’m at the 3rd day らしい、みたい、っぽい and the book only gives you a few exemples. Nothing about the nuances between each point. Am I using it wrong ?

Here you go!

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thank you!

I’m using the sou matome series (grammar/vocab/kanji/reading/listening). I’ve read through the grammar and most of the vocabulary. Like @gatchamann mentions, there isn’t much explanation. I’ve gone through half of the N3 grammar on BunPro so after reading a bunch of examples with SRS, the grammar book is much easier IMO. Plus I used the grammar dictionaries along the way and probably take some additional italki lessons to review the grammar again. I’m not going to buy Kanzen…there is just more books than time. I’m going to cool off WK probably ~ level 37. If I want vocab SRS, I can start chasing burned items in KameSame just to improve kanji/vocab retrieval. Plus I want to finish out the second half of BP N3

I just bought the extensions 日本語パワードリル which has some great test drills and N3 単語 2000 which has a bunch of vocab I want to learn. My only complaint is the red writing is a bit hard to read but it uses the red/clear thingy to hide vocab for study. I’ve watched most the of 日本語の森 on YT which is a fun channel and easy to understand but I wish they had more N3 content. If anyone has any listening practice recommendations, I’m all :ear:

I took the N3 exam 2 years ago and failed. I want to try again this year! I’m hoping that using wanikani will help me learn more vocab. I’ve been studying japanese for 5 years but i think i’ve hit a wall where i just need to learn a lot of vocab and kanji to get better


My goal is to get around N3 level by December, but not sure if I will commit to the test itself. It really depends on my situation (planning to move to Japan early fall…if I don’t find a job I plan on going to school full time and hope to hit N3, but if I can’t get into a school right away or if I get a job I might not have the time to study as much). Best of luck to those studying for N3.

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How’s your plan on moving to Japan in the fall going ? :slight_smile:

Waiting on the Visa right now. Hoping it will still be in fall, just probably late fall. Unfortunately I won’t be close to hitting N3 by December. The move has taken a lot more time than I expected and I got off track with my studies. Now I’m back on track. How are your studies coming along?

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