JLPT certificate - how long is it useful for?

After passing N2 last December, I feel this is good enough for me for a while and won’t be taking the N1 this year (I will still be studying of course). Though, I was thinking how long I could use the N2 certificate for (on a resume for example) before I would have to take the test again? I imagine it would be a couple years, but not completely sure.

What is everyone’s opinion?

They don’t expire. I don’t know if you’re just asking what the employer would think though.

Aye. An employer might look at a ten-year-old accreditation and ask “yes, but what have you done lately?”, but the certificate itself doesn’t expire.

Sorry, yeah I meant what the employer would think. I remember reading a post on a Japanese language forum ages ago, saying that they are required to retake the test if a certain amount of time has passed. I just couldn’t remember exactly when.

It would be each individual employer or school’s stated thing. It could be anything, but I imagine at like beyond 10 years it would start to get harder to find places that would accept it.

Ok, thanks. Yeah that makes sense. I just didn’t want to have to take the test again in the near future. WIth all the stress involved etc.

Presumably if you’ve passed it a while back, but they’re concerned your ability might have lapsed, they’d just ask you questions in the interview that would reveal your level.

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I don’t know about companies, but universities tend to only accept certificates that are less than two years old.
Here’s the rule for keio commerce/law departments
(The table is on page 7)


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