JLPT Accountability Partners

Hey everyone!

Making a dedicated group to anyone who wants accountability partners for studying for the JLPT exams. Motivation behind this is weekly (possibly daily) check-in with others who are studying for the JLPT exam this July. If you are taking the exam in December, please feel free to join too. Will most likely have to play it by ear based on the COVID situation.

To start out, I will post my study schedule. At the end of each week (on Sunday evening) I will post and say if I met my goals for the week. Feel free to follow suit, or make your own schedule! Doesn’t have to be weekly check-ins, just whatever you want to be held accountable to :smiley:

Looking for dedicated and motivated partners who bring a positive attitude and will encourage others to meet their goals! :+1:

Hi everyone! Its awesome seeing all of the participation this has gotten. Welcome to everyone that has joined. I think the best place to keep up with accountability for studying might be discord, so I really encourage everyone to join the discord chat if they are comfortable with doing so. Going to be posting there at least weekly with accountability tracking. Here is a link to join.

Excited to see you all there!! :smiley:


Add your info to the wiki below!

Username JLPT Level Deadline Materials Study Routine Attempt # Previously Passed/Failed
benjaminmiedema N2 July 21 Shin-Kanzen Master Work through Shin Kanzen master before July, Anki for Vocab/Kanji First Attempt Passed N3 Dec 2019
ganbareniichan N2 Dec 21 Tobira + Tobira Kanji workbook + Tobira grammar workbook; 例文で学ぶ漢字と言葉N2; Kanji in Context workbook First working through Tobira before July First Attempt Failed N3 Dec 2013; Passed N3 Dec 2019
Nemuitanuki N3 July Review Wanikani, Anki, listening, in-person classes, Attempt #2 Failed N4 2019, N4 2020 Passed
Saida N1 July 21 Shinkanzen Master/Minna no Nihongo Work through the books, drill Minna no Nihongo vocab First attempt Dec 18: passed N4, July 19: passed N3, Dec 19: passed N2
Hantsuki N3 Dec 21 日本語単語スピードマスター (Standard 2400 words for N3) to be updated First attempt None
Deliana88 N2 Dec 1 新完全マスター,Sou Matome, “Shadowing”, N2聞く, Core 6000, WRP flashcards Work through Sou Matome using Kanzen Master and “Handbook of Japanese Grammar” as supplements. Also drill vocab from Core 6000 and Kanji Third attempt (I think) Passed N3 in December 2014, attempted N2 in 2016 and 2018 and failed
Eddiiz N1 July WK, Manga, Materials provided by university courses 30-60mins of WK per day, Reading at least 1 chapter of manga per day, Trying to have a conversation in Japanese with someone every day, Keeping up with my Japanese university studies First Attempt Passed N4 Dec 2018, Passed N2 Dec 2019
APerson962 N4 July 2022 (hopefuly) Anki (writing kanji practise, vocab, grammar), Tae Kim, WaniKani, anime, manga, light novels, other misc. sources As much WaniKani as necessary per day, about 10-15 mins kanji writing practise per day, 1-2 anime with Japanese subs daily, vocab exclusive practise (excluding WaniKani - will crank it up when finished WaniKani) 15 mins, grammar 45 mins-1 hour daily, manga once or twice a week usually (chapter at a time), exclusive listening practise maybe once per week (will hopefully do more in future) First attempt N/A
CDR-Strawberry N3 July 21 WK, Lingodeer, Visual Learning Japanese Work through the advanced level of VLJ, review beginner and intermediate materials, work on reaching at least level 30 on WK and studying additional vocab on own, daily general practice on Lingodeer First Attempt Passed N4 practice test…

Weekly Study Schedule (updated 1/14/21)
Exam: JLPT N2 in July '21
Study material: Shin-Kanzen master N2 books
Grammar - 3 sections/week
Kanji/Vocab - 45 minutes/day
Reading - 1 section/week
Listening - 2 sections/week

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I won’t be joining, but the organiser in me has a suggestion: instead of individual posts with all that information peppered all the way down the thread, it may be better to convert your second post into a wiki’ed editable table, so all the information is in one place for everyone to see.


Oh that’s a great idea!! I will try that out. Is that just in the settings for the post?

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If you set up the table with columns for each of the items you listed above - exam lvl, materials, schedule items, for example, then tag the modifiers (@ Mods, but without that space after @), they’ll be able to make it a wiki, so everyone can enter themselves.

Have you made a table before in Discord Discourse? If not, I learned recently and will help as I am able.

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For example, using your information (you should be able to copy and paste this into your second post if you find it suitable).

Username JLPT Level Deadline Materials Grammar Kanji/Vocab Reading Listening
benjaminmiedema N2 July 21 Shin-Kanzen Master 3sect/wk 45mins/day 1sect/wk 2sect/wk

Wow I love your idea on making a table like that! I will try to set it up with the mods to make it a wiki.

No, I haven’t used discord that much so I’m not really familiar with any of the features it has to offer :sweat_smile:

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Perfect I need this.
Just listening, reviewing grammar points, wanikanying, and vocab drilling.
Waiting to find out if I passed N4 or not.
I’ll either try the N3 or study again for N4


Welcome, it’s great to have you here!! :smiley:

I’ll work on getting the post setup more and give updates as I figure things out


I don’t plan on ever taking the jlpt but I’d love something like this for general studying and making sure I don’t fall off studying too much like I’ve done before. I am especially terrible at getting myself to actually practice listening on a somewhat regular basis.


I like this idea! I feel like I should step up my studying game as well, so if we set up a Discord group, I would be open to study sessions a couple evenings a week. I find just having a video chat session on in the background is enough to have me actually hit the books regularly. Keeps me at my desk! Only evenings (GMT+1) I am unavailable, would be Monday (family dinner), Tuesday and Thursday (Japanese class) and Friday (study session with boyfriend :grin: ). So that leaves Wednesdays and weekends! I could study during the day as well, but I do have a job, and other activities, so not as consistently as the evenings.

I think this was supposed to be about Discourse!


Yup, my bad! Thanks for catching that :smiley:

@Mods, could someone kindly turn the second post of this thread into a wiki so that we can create an editable table, please? Many thanks.

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It’s now a wiki :+1:


Great, thanks for the help!!

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I formatted the list in the wiki post and added myself. Now I think you should probably move this to a new post below so we still can see it but it isn’t in the way. Excited for the accountability even though I’m in the US and won’t have the opportunity to take it before December at the earliest.


I added myself, too!

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I just added myself! I would’ve liked to take the test in July, but considering the current state of things that’s probably impossible (or at least not such a good idea). My test center is a long ways away in another prefecture too, so if the current state of affairs doesn’t improve in the next 6 months, I might not register for the test. But I’ll keep studying and preparing for it as if I’m taking it (because I will be anyway).


This thread is such a great idea!

I would also be interested in periodic meetings (for accountability and/or language questions or even listening/speaking practice) on a Discord server if others are interested.


Wow thank you to whoever made the wiki post!! It’s so great to have everyone here. I’m excited to work with you all :slight_smile:
Doing a weekly discord chat would be awesome too! I think Sunday is best for me for a group study session


Alright everyone, the discord is up!! Here is the link to join below:
(Edit: link is updated!!)